To cut or not to cut? (pic)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by oneDollarweed, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Hello, My plant is too big for its enclosure. I am using strings to bend it sideways, but I feel that it will be a tight squeeze and that this may have a detrimental effect.

    I feel as though the wise decision is to cut the top and let it branch out.

    But when I go to cut it, my inner voice tells me not to cut it. I feel that I want to just let it grow up naturally, but this plant is still growing pretty fast (especially after it rains and the humidity rises)
    I think that it will grow out of the front door.

    Mould isn't so much of a problem because we always have low humidity (except for when it rains non-stop)
    But generally speaking high-humidity isn't such a big problem.

  2. how old is the plant ??? things start to look pretty grim when you run out of vertical room
  3. oh dear im not sure if you lob of the top the stress may turn it herm but thats impossible to guess hmm its a beautiful plant btw. with how much you need to chop off its allot looking at pics i think your going to need to make a decision take her out or lob her main cola off
  4. I’d pinch her and break her back a bit and let her grow. But that’s just me.
  5. its going to be a big plant once flower stretch is over if you leave her
  6. It's for the best.

  7. What’s that? lol I thought you were gonna cut like a foot off lol sorry my bad
  8. She'll be ok =) (She's just gonna have to learn to grow sideways)
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  9. That's all you cut off?
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  10. Yes. I wanted to be minimal and I couldn't find the power in my heart to take more off.
    But if it keeps growing more and more, I won't have a choice but to take more off.

    Also, I added a bit of (P) to help with flowering.
  11. You’ve got to be wondering the same thing I am.

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