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To Convice My Dad...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ry Guy 420, May 15, 2011.

  1. I just told my dad I smoke weed, he is super chill about everything, except this. But he is willing to listen to what I have to say as why weed isn't bad. I have showed him The Union documentary, but he still doubts it. Is there any other things you think I should tell him to convince him that it isn't bad?
  2. Well good sir your mothers a bitch
  3. Ask him if he's tried it.
  4. Show him that you can still live a productive and full life while being a cannabis smoker. Unless you're a complete fuck up... Then, well, you're fucked. But it's always worth a shot. :smoke:
  5. Haha Colton.. I agree, and he hasn't tried it, he is a goody goody but chill. He occasionally drinks, and I've told him that's worse for you.
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    I have a higher average than I did before I smoked weed, but he thinks that cuz I just try harder now.
  7. Wow, even after the union?
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    Well, what's his problem with it then? Whether you are or not, it obviously isn't negatively affecting that area of your life. Then again, some parents will never get it. At least he's not disowning you... right?
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    The union is highly biased. If I ever tried to show my dad that movie, he'd just laugh in my face.
  10. Well give it some time and maybe he'll accept your smoking habit. If not then it's his ignorance not your fault
  11. Yeah, he said The Union has some good points and some are dumb. About school I guess either way it's good that I'm doing better, but now all he has on me is if I get a criminal record for possession that I won't be able to get a job.
  12. I have the same issue as you my friend

    I believe The Union is an awesome documentary even though it may or may not be completely true. I don't plan to tell my dad i smoke because he is ALL about the law so he would probably call the cops on me if he ever knew i had it on me. However you can come to terms with him; promise to never do it at home, never bring it in the house, etc. Not that that would completely help but it could possibly put his mind as some ease. However, regardless how he feels, toke on my brother, toke on.
  13. If the union changed his mind OPs' Father is very easily persuaded.

    Just tell him you know it's not harmless, but it's your body therefore you have every right to put it in your body. And you will not bring or smoke it in his house.
  14. smoke with him
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    I wish
  16. Not everyone can be convinced with propaganda
  17. 1. ask him what's so bad about it
    2. prove him wrong (ask on here if necessary)
    3. keep doing this until he has nothing left to say and tells you that you can't smoke pot any more purely because he said so with no good reason
    4. get high
  18. Or you can just start throwing a fit yelling YOU'RE WRONG YOU'RE WRONG until he cant stand your voice anymore and tells you to go away
  19. For now I have him pretty convinced that it's not bad now, but he says later it will be a problem. (Gateway?) I will let you know if anything new comes up.

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