to clump or not to clump??

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  1. I am getting ready for next year and have 11 holes dug. the holes are prob 4 feet in diameter and 18 to 20 inches deep. I then filled them with a mix of 2/3 compost and 1/3 sand. I have a drip irrigation running to each hole, so I can water and fertilize, daily if needed.

    Was going to start indoor with clones and move into holes early may, when they are 6 or 7 inches tall.

    I have mothers of royal kush g13 labs, g13 haze barneys farm, skunk 1 from seedsman and raspberry cough from nirvana.

    My question is, will it be better to do 1 big plant or put 3 of the same strain in each hole and tie them so they grow out away from each other. This will create a bush made out of three plants. I will tie each plant down, so their will be plenty of room for the buds and leaves.

    I am worried that with three plants to a hole that the roots will be competing and that the sum of all three yeilds would be less than 1 big plant. What about mold problems?

    Again the holes are probably the volume of 4 five gallon buckets of good soil and plenty to drink.

    Any experianced outdoor growers out there that have tried both?

    I like the idea if one plant is killed I got 2 left in each hole vs starting all over.

    Also I am located in the midwest US, if anyone has tried these strains, I would love to see some pics or feedback.
  2. well if you hav enough room to get all your plants going 1 plant per hole
  3. Yeah cramming more than one into a hole brings on all the things you mentioned,
    when they compete for root space they stress out too . As well as the light, mold and obviously they will stand out a lot more if you have 3 in one :)

    You will be much happier with one big healthy plant per hole.
    The longer you can Veg them indoors the better as long as you introduce them to being outside gradually to try avoid premature flowering .

    Sounds like your smart, and have done the research so im sure you will pull of a mad grow =D
  4. thanks to both of you, I will do one to a hole. I think im gonna do a grow journal for them.
    I have several hunting cameras on the holes now and they are taking pics daily. So when the plants are growing I should be taking a picture of their progress daily. Should be cool to do a slide show or a flip book and it will show how they grow and flower, and it could be like a mini movie or something.
  5. Haha yeah thats sick with the cameras !
    Are they taking photos while your away ?
    Make sure you have good fences to stop animals from eating your plants once they do go out ,
    And the bigger you can veg them indoors before you put em out the better :)

    At my spots this year a few weeks before i wanted to plant I put in some random tomato plants from the nursery in the holes the weed was gonna grow in to see if any rabbits could bust through the fences and eat my plants :) it saved 3 spots that I fixed up so you can try that if your worried

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    The cameras are motioned sensored, so if a rabbit or deer get into them I should know pretty quickly what species it is that is eating my babies and unleash hell on them.

    They are camo and blend in, so if anyone so if anyone stumbles on to the plants I will know and be able to destroy them before they can come back. Hopefully

    These are the cameras, I got 3 of them, worth every penny cams
    Lookin forward to seein how your garden grows:smoke:
  7. They are sweet I'm gonna definantly get some for my next grow :)
    So they are all weather proof and everything ? Ill have a read of the site :)
    Very well thought out grow , I'm sure it will be successful !

    I'm southern hemisphere so my grows underway at the moment ,
    Had a few rabbit problems but each year you learn more and more :)
    Good stuff mate I'll keep an eye out for ur journal , not too long now haha

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