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To clean the pipe, or not....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dan-o, May 13, 2003.

  1. I have a good bit of resin built up in my pipe - and i was wondering if i should clean it. I know a lot of people say to keep the resin in the pipe - but i actually think it reduces the amount of THC coming into the lungs. I would think that when the smoke goes through the pipe, the resin acts as a sticky substance to which small particles of THC get trapped in. Hence the reason you have a resin build up anyways. Has anyone noticed that they get higher with a clean pipe? Idk, just a thought
  2. Hehehe, no I never noticed getting higher cause my pipe was clean. What I do notice is that it is easier to take a hit, cause the air flows a bit better. I would scrape the pipe for resin, than clean it.
  3. dude, who cares? just do whatever you want. if that works for you then do it. you dont even need another opinion, but i would leave it in/

  4. the more build up in a pipe the harder it is for the smoke to get through, just like anything else like toliets or sinks or whatever the more it gets clogged up the harder it is for shit to pass through.
  5. i save up my resin in my glass spoon, and i scrape it when it builds up, and i get a nice buzz going.
  6. there is nothing like a clean hit coming from a fresh piece. Allthough there is something to be said for a nicely resinated pipe. prefference is all up to you .:)

  7. the thing is, the reason resin is there in the first place is that thc is a sticky substance. i think the more resin in the bowl the higher it can get you (especially when you dont have weed)
  8. If you have a good bit of resin in the pipe, I would go ahead and scrape/smoke it and clean it. I try to keep my glass clean reasonably clean, but I guess as long as its not restricting the airflow its just personal prefference. I'm not too big on smoking resin though. It'll get you high in a pinch, but it tastes like ass.

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