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To cigarette smokers.

Discussion in 'General' started by Floydian, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Yep, whenever they show a commercial endorsing smoking cessation, it makes me wanna smoke, even though i was ok not smoking a moment ago.
  2. If I hadn't been smoking one already, this threat would've made me light up.


  3. Whoa whoa whoa. No one's threatening you, pal! :eek:

    I tease of course haha. :)
  4. this occured to me just the other day after stepping out of inglorious bastards.

    marl. 27's all the way.
  5. yeah man.. all the time.

    as a matter of fact it looks like threads about cigs make me light up too LOL
  6. Only show that makes me crave a cig: Big Brother 11 One of the house guests named Jeff smokes em and I envy him cuz I dont feel like spending 5 bux on a pack. Got one anyways tho, when Im in Venice I knoe im gonna have to bring another pack with me too.
  7. No, but those above the influence commercials make me wunna smoke more pot.
  8. Well, I didn't want to do this, but...

    *lights up*

  9. Haha...agreed.
  10. *lights grit*

    carry on...

  11. Yeah dude. After seeing the german soldier smoking his trumpet pipe in the beginning and the french dude smoking his corn cob pipe, it made me want to smoke real bad.
  12. Like someone said, whenver im in a car i light up, or right after smokin bud, for some reason a menthol cigarette tastes sooo good after a blunt.
  13. welcome to the world man. mass manipulation is a bitch
  14. Yeah dudes, I can't watch King of the Hill or read this thread without needing a smoke. In fact, I now leave the dorm room when I'm done lighting this post to experience the smooth, mellow flavor of Smokin' Joes.
  15. cannabis>tobacco
  16. If someone is lighting up in real life, forget it I am too. On TV it's not as big of a deal but it still can affect it.
  17. Ya, happens to me too but watcing the cigarrette slowly burn and sizzle inspires me to roll a dutch not smoke a square.
  18. I feel ya! Like if I lock myself up in my apartment, I'd only smoke like less than 10 cigs. But when I am out and about, seeing other people light up and shit, I tend to follow. :p
  19. whats aug 27?
  20. I keep my tolerance low so when i really need them, being high or drunk it gives me the greatest head buzz in the world

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