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To cigarette smokers.

Discussion in 'General' started by Floydian, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Quick question for ya'll;

    Do you guys ever just see someone smoking a cig even on TV, or even say "cigarettes" and that triggers you to want one?

    Almost any time someone light's up in a movie, I follow suit shortly. Hell, even in Anime when someone sparks a cig, I'll spark one too.

    Now that's addiction, when you see an animated cigarette being lit, and want one yourself.
  2. I don't think I do that. I never thought about it though. But I usually just have one whenever I'm craving one or if I'm just super bored.
  3. Nope - But Im a very light smoker >1/2 pack a day:D

  4. Yeah bro, actually I do. I saw the movie Fletch when I had just quit smoking grits and I had to ask my cousin for one because theres a lot of cigarrette smoking in that movie hahaha
  5. yes indeed, i'm the exact same way as you floydian.
  6. Glad to see Im not alone ^^
  7. Man no ones ever alone. In most instances someones already gone through what someone else has gone through. It's kinda rare to go through something that no one ele on this earth has gone through since the begining of our history haha
  8. Yeah that happens to me all the time. Especially when somebody else lights one up.

    Damn even all this talk about cigs right now is makin me want one.
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    indeed, i think it's probably because sometimes some movies tend to like, glamorize, for lack of a better word, smoking (i.e. trainspotting). and we, being smokers, see it as appetizing. almost the same principle as a close up on a fat juicy burger or what have you during a commercial arouses the desire for it, a close up of someone slowly lighting up a smoke and taking that first drag during a movie or tv show arouses a desire for that.
  10. yeah its something about seeing a zippo and a cig. it makes some sort of click in my head.

    try watching thank you for smoking...and well not smoking lol
  11. I do the exact same thing. When I see my best friends lite one up, after a good toke with me I always want a menthol camel crush although they are supposed to be really bad for you. I don't smoke cigs every day, or every week. Just when I'm around people smoking and I toke, its weird.
  12. Aye, but to even light up after just watching a VIDEO RECORDING of someone lighting up, I thought was goofy, ya know?

    And yes, Camel Crush = Rubbish.

    I've seen first hand the white spots people get in their throat from them, and know of at least 3 people to go ask a Doctor what was up.

    My best friend infact went in for a normal checkup right around when they came out. He didn't mention anything about the Cigs, and when the Dr. checked his throat, he immediately said, "You've been smoking those new Camels, haven't you?"
  13. Yeah, I heard about the white spots. My old friend said that she heard that they are giving people brain tumors, if you pop the bead before or during a smoke. I probably smoke a crush 3 or 4 of them a month if that. Thinking to myself I should stop smoking them all together.
  14. Probably.

    The novelty is gone after one anyway.
  15. I've hear about the crush rumors and stopped smoking them as well.

    The main trigger for smoking a butt for me is... smoking weed. I don't really get the visual / audio triggers your talking about, it's more familiarity for me. Like if I'm in my car, I almost always smoke a butt there, so I need one whether I have some or not. I'm stoned so maybe this isn't coming across as well as I'd hoped.

    Time to go rip a butt!
  16. I'm with ya on this one... oh and Camel Crushes are nasty dog shit.

    Camel Turkish Golds or Royals! :hello:
  17. Lies.

    ... Jades are the best.
  18. The one time I tried to buy jades the place didn't have them so I haven't tried them yet.
  19. That's not too uncommon. Try watching a KFC commercial on an empty stomach and try to tell me you're not hungry for KFC afterwards.

    Any time I watch milk vids or look at bud porn I want to light up shortly there after. A lot of the times I do.
  20. dude that happened to me last night. I was watching a movie with a friend and one of the chars on themovie just lights a cig and a couple seconds later i did the same

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