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    Plant area is too small for 3 more weeks should I top it down?

    So Ive been building a Hydro closet for a couple months now (getting pieces as I can afford them) and now Im just waiting on the Ballast which should be here in 2-3 weeks, but in the mean time I germinated a bagseed and thought nothing of it and now its outgrowing its planter that my wife let me use... it has some sort of florescent lamp in the structure but Im clueless on its specs (didnt even think it would work) but my main concern is should I just top it down whenever it gets too close to the lights??... I only have to wait 3 weeks till I can put it under my 600w HPS but I dont want to mess this plant up while waiting...

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  2. I'd just tie it down. Get a string and pull the top down and tie it to the pot. It'll give you more room, and more tops eventually.

    What's with all the faygo, man?
  3. What ohspyro said, tie it down a bit. Theres plenty of LST tutorials on the site. You can also supercrop if you think it's ready. Can you move the light up?

  4. No I cant move it... if I could it would be perfect cuz the plant loves whatever light is in it... its a solid structure for vines...

    they dont sell faygo where I live so I buy the crap out of it whenever Im east of the mississippi lol its cheap and I like it better than regular soda... Ill start checking forums, but you mean literally just bend it down and tie it to the side of the pot??... and thanks you guys I appreciate it....
  5. I just checked out a detailed post about LST and it definitely seems like something I would be interested in but my plants about a foot tall and it seems like something I shouldve been doing the whole time... I like the idea of tying it down vs topping it though....
  6. Your plant needs a lot more light than what ever it is you're using. Do you have some CFL's you can add until your HPS arrives?

  7. I already have the light and mogul its just the ballast Im waiting for... and I do have some CFLs but what should i put them in??.. just a desk lamp??...
  8. Yea any lamp that takes regular bulbs will accept CFLs. Just for some side light until you get your HPS.
  9. cool thanks everybody... I got what Im doin figured out... tying it down and adding some peripheral cfls.... soon Ill be answering these questions for other newer blades.... :)
  10. Knowledge is power :)

  11. lol thanks captain planet :)

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