To CFL or not to CFL

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    First of all much thanks to all of you guys cause without your help I would be as lost as Waldo. Today I visited my first hydro supply store an I must say it felt like having sex with a woman thats not my wife lol. But my question is would the quality an quanity of my bud be better using cfl or hps. I was planing on using 8 100w clfs on 2 plants I was just wondering would this be enough to produce a nice amount of herb but after I spoke with the store owner I was thinking of using 1 400w hps setup for about $300.00 would this be enough for 2 plants.I also was looking at some 200w cfl bulbs for 90.00 a piece for 2700k an 6700k thats almost $200.00 so If i would get better results from the hps with little cost or equal electrcity would it not be better any help you guys could give me would be a great help. My last quetion is if I use cfl lights is it true I will not have to run exhaust fans an are the self ballast 250 clf,s better than using the regular cfl,s at lowes
  2. i have been vegging with a flood table under 8 54w tubes at 6400k. I used a 400w hps for a while and (after removing heat) i found it less effective than cfls in fact. I have 1 mother under a 65w cfl flood lamp i got at home depot for 40$ and i have never seen a finer more efficient growing light. I am researching flowering with cfls.

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