to catch a predator?

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  1. in all honesty, this is one of my favorite shows. watch dateline whenever i can but these are the best ones. chris hansen is the man.
  2. haha i love that show.

    its so fun to see sick fucks get caught.

    they all lie the same too
    bet chris gets so tired of hearing "this is my first time ever, i swear" "i was just gonna talk"
  3. ahahahaha. priceless
  4. It's one of my faves as well! Theres some nasty muthafuckas on that show...
  5. bahahah, this show makes me so happy ...
    one time this guy showed up with tacos and sex toys ..
  6. [ame=]YouTube - to catch a predator raw - naked guy pt. 1[/ame]
  7. this show has me laughing all the way through....

    chris hansen is the man...

  8. hahah i wanna see the second part to that.
    he was shaking with fear
  9. [ame=]YouTube - to catch a predator raw - naked guy pt. 2[/ame]
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    i love the south park version but cant find the video anywhere

    here it is LOL!

    ( you might have to click on the link)
  11. It sucks it was canceled. If you don't know why it was well there was a DA I believe who was trying to have sex with a boy. In whichever state it's illegal to talk about sex with a minor you don't have to show up, cops can still come and get you. So they raid his house and he kills himself with a shotgun as the cops arrive. Well the pedophile DA his sister sued Dateline so they had to quit the show.

    Why would his sister defend him? Because that whore wanted money.

  12. yea i saw that...

    sucks that the show got canceled for that pedophile...

    got what he deserved though...

  13. Yeah they shouldn't cancel it though. This is what we want pedophiles to do, get killed or go to prison and have a "fun" time. If I was the sister I would be to ashamed to sue.
  14. this.

    but what was the base of the lawsuit how did she win..... what was her argument do you know..
  15. but there are still organizations working to stop online predators. the show just cements the fact that you will be caught and you really need to shape up or you're going to pay. like most of you, i watch and laugh at these dudes. when you take one step out your front door after having conversations like these, there's no other conclusion you can come to other than you want sex. these scumbags deserve what they get but it isn't enough.

    i can see having fun online... fucking with people but these dudes cross the line.

  16. I guess "Driving a pedophile to kill himself" is illegal. I don't know what exactly she said couldn't really find a whole lot of information on it. But it sounds like she used something close to the bolded. Don't really know.
  17. hahahaha!
    [ame=""]YouTube - Kathy Griffin - Predators Love Ice Tea![/ame]


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