To buy or not to buy? Vape or Smoke

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JuicyGuy, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Yo!
    Whats sup? So I used to live in my own apartment until I was spending way too much time at the boyfriends family's house until his mother finally told me to just "move in already!!" haha.

    The bf and I or smoking kush on a daily basis, we mostly cruise or go outside.... Winter is coming and gas prices are not like they used to be, I want to be able to smoke in our room (our room is located in the living room area) I came across the vape or smoke and I was wondering (Love the fact that it is portable!) should I buy this thing? Will our room still reek of bud? Will the people on the otherside of the door smell the bud?

    Some pointers will help tremendously!

  2. honestly just got one and im still getting used to it but so far there is still an odor. ppl will notice if they go in ur room. if u can put a towel under the door otherwise u should be good. ill keep u updated after i get used the adjusting the flame for vaping.
  3. So instead of having your bf move into your apartment you moved in with his family? Why?
  4. What he said, although im assuming you no longer have to pay rent or other utilities at the bf house? If so the move would make sense.
  5. ^^^ No rent?

    Vapes still give off an odor.. though it can easily be minimized by taking small hits and exhaling as little vapor as possible.. unlike smoke.. you can and should hold vapor hits longer... to cache as much of the hit as possible

    seems like an interesting vape... there's a little talk about it on FC but not much... so if you do get it.. make a thread letting us know how it goes!

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