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to blend, or not to blend... that is the question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 13, 2002.


if you're a little short on dank, but have enough regs to pack a bowl, do you mix?

  1. yes, mix the danks with the regs

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  3. who cares???

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  1. ok, so here's the situation: you've got a decent amount of regs, but not so much danks (*gasp*)... now... here's the problem. do you smoke the regs, and hope for more danks later? or do you mix the danks with the regs in hopes of getting a little more schtoned???
  2. Mix that shit up. It seems to me when i mix bud i get higher than i would have expected......but its all on you
  3. just smoke that shit and don't look back
  4. weed is weed

    I don't get too picky as long as it's not disgustingly bad and it gets me high.
  5. lol. we mixed it :)
  6. what the fuck is a "reg"
  7. I thought u meant regs as in mids. in that case, i'd mix it only cuz regs won't do sh't to me

  8. you are paying way too much for hydro especially cause its the quickest to grow and not really that much better than grown weed

    here in seattle their is no way u could sell any smoker worth his salt a 1/4 for more tham 100$ and that includes perpule, blueberry, and even huskiebud (overipe purp, characterized by perp with hints of yellow and superpotency)
  9. I don't even put different strains of weed in the same bag, let alone the same bowl! It's like plopping a McDonalds hamburger down on your plate while eating $15 a plate steak!
  10. like I said, I only mix when the supply is at its last bowl. As for jus casuallity, i'll never mix dank with dirt if I had plenty.
  11. Mix it, mix it goooood. Alot of times, you find that mixing it will bring out the good in both weeds.
  12. if you smoke a mix of 2 good types of weed you will be hiiiiigh

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