To Bend Or Not To Bend?

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    Hey guys  :metal:
    This is a "Original WW" outdoors
    In my opinion she is too tall, ( she has only 5/6 days)
    Yes I know, i started too late :p
    here's the pic

    Should I bend and cover with dirt or let his do his thing?
    and also
    Is this plant fine for 5/6 days old?
    I have more five plants but they are just like that(link above)
    Opening a journal soon!
    Thank you guys and please helpp  :gc_rocks:

  2. its stretching for light..transplant or add soil to bury the stem.  not a problem
  3. But it's strange, they are all in the same place, the others plant are looking like the second picture wich I think is good right?
    Any suggestions, i think i will just bend and cover...

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