To beat ass or to not beat ass?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bobhasbitchtits, Nov 7, 2014.

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    So I just wanted some feedback and hear what everyone's opinion is on this situation. I have been with my man for six months now, but we use to live together as friends. He use to be really into this girl, but she's been with her boyfriend for two years (she was into him to, but he wouldn't make a move because he likes her boyfriend). She has cheated on her boyfriend before, so I know that being in a relationship doesn't stop her from trying shit with other people.
    She does NOT like me. She has always been incredibly passive aggressive to me at parties, and made multiple comments on social media calling me a "hoe".
    The thing is, if this was a trust issue, I wouldn't sully my hands with it. I'd move on without either of them if it was. But my boyfriend came to me and showed me a message she sent him a couple days ago saying how he had said no girl was suppose to take him from her and how I singlehandedly ruined their friendship.
    So my question is; do you think I should confront the bitch, or let it go? Shoot.
    (Sorry if this was an incredibly melodramatic post. Ever since I quit roller derby, the thought of fighting someone has been right there in the back of my brain.)

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  2. If he showed you evidence of another woman wanting to fuck him, instead of fucking her like a vast majority of men would have, you have every incentive you need to drop it and be reward-fucking your man, instead of humoring a whore.
  3. Can't really argue with that logic. Still really would like to teach her a thing or two about respect.

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    She's not a whore who essentially wanted to cheat on her boyfriend with yours, because she values respect as a concept. Don't waste your time. Your boyfriend leaving her high and dry is much more of a blow to her ego than you could muster, since it's him she was interested in.
  5. beat the shit out of her and impress your man.  put her in her place and let her know how powerful you are.  honestly though, if not this time, then next time she does something, fight her.  unleash your anger.  i know it's there.
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    If he stays true to you he will stop all contact with her.
    If you can both cut her out of your lives there is no more problems.
    You know your man best, but giving into her negativity for a fight, is only letting her win by already getting into your head.
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  8. Well, call me old fashioned and politically incorrect but... If she tries shit again then do something about it, I'd give her a warning though if I were you. If she can't comply then, fuck it! she was warned. lol
  9. But, I agree with MadLibz no use in supporting her bullshit negativity. Just keep on keepin on if your man would do anything with some whore while he's with you he wasn't worth your time anyway. And if that were the circumstance then you would every right in the world to smash her face in imo lol cheaters are scum.. They don't realize that shit can have an effect on how you trust in relationships down the road. Since their only interested in a short term selfish gain. But hey, thats how life rolls right? Learn a lesson move on? If I were you I'd give her a warning and then sit back and see how it plays out.
  10. Take the high road. Violence is never the answer
  11. I have to agree with martyr and vengeance.  Violence doesn't solve issues.  It complicates them.  Your BOYFRIEND, (not hers but YOURS) not only did the appropriate thing but he did the admirable thing.  Don't fuck that up.  Fighting her would only bring you down to her level and if he wanted that he wouldn't be dating you.  He would be dating her.  
    What she did was pathetic and desperate.  It is beyond pathetic to be truthful.  Those are not very attractive traits in a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.  By letting it go you are showing her how unimportant and irrelevant she is.  Just let it go.  Life is too short and too fun for useless drama.  
  12. Don't confront. Gotta be the better person in this honestly. Sometimes silence pays off. Sounds like the bitch wants a fight. Don't give her what she wants
  13. if you play into this stupid ass drama you will just reinforce what she is saying....
         stay out of it. let her make her own bed. I guarantee if you just stay out of it she will just make her self look like a stupid drama hoe.
  14. Thanks for the feedback everybody. I agree with most of you here, I was just feeling a smidge fought up ;P

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  15. Take the above posters advice and let it be. Reward-fuck is the best one.

    But just in case a fight were to happen, I hope you deliver for Gc and record it.
  16. If you are under 18, beat the shit out of her and get off easy.

    Otherwise just ignore her and slowly get her out of your life all.together

    Crazy people are crazy. That's why we call them crazy. There is no right way to handle crazy people because they are unpredictable.

    You need to remove her from your life

  17. I hate drama. If my woman got in a fist fight over some bullshit I would be pissed.
  18. I wish. I should have fought more when I was a minor.

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  19. Martyr had some good advice I believe. Look at it this way as well would you want to go through all the legal issues if she wanted to press charges?

    It can get a bit expensive.
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    ...   ...Rollerderby.  :huh:
     btw advocating violence is a serious offense here.  Y'all know better than that o_O

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