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Discussion in 'General' started by Rivera, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I'm higher than 3 fat bitches high With beef jerky a side of fries and a onion ring add some relish if you could thanks listening to the Beatles on top of Mount Everest in the winter singing kumbaya each on mechanical Bulls with a freshly poured cup vanilla milkshake and Reese's in there too these fat bitches go back and start to get some pizza from the nearest village but the K-9 units come through and are like listen alright ? I got some bad news ladies , no Damn pizza tonite or your gonna get a bite in the ass and thee bitches are too high so they're just like alright and they walk the other direction but this German Shepard was on sum Otha shit and he was like hey ladies yall and ready for the royal rumble this year I gotta get a piece of cheddar cheese or something before you get to the village and theyre like dude cut it out and the dogs like nah
  2. I genuinely thought I was pretty fucked up tonight until I saw this
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  3. Lol, I almost feel I am sober compared to this guy.  He must be on some next level shit.  ;)
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  4. I know exactly what he is saying because I have the same mindset as OP. I understand.
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  5. I actually understood that. Welp, time to call it a night.
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  6. Well I hate to break it to you but I DID have pizza tonight. Thank you very much

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  7. Post of the year?

    I don't think I could top it.
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  8. What exactly would you put the relish on

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  9. Well he did say "if you could" so I'd say you could opt for nah?

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  10. This is grasscity, not youtube comment section.

    this is my signature. Right here.
  11. Damn no shame in plugging away huh
  12. You've made no friends here. Friend.
  13. You might be but I haven't seen it yet :(
  14. Just tryna spread my video but it's cool brah no problem
  15. That's called spam. Which isn't allowed on most forums.
  16. Only posted it one time but ok..

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