To be deafblind

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  1. yea i bet it does

    are you retarded?


    this is a great example of how herb helps us empathize with people:smoke:
  2. I'm very curious about this topic because i wonder what communication methods these people use to convey their thoughts. Imagine if you were born like that, how do you communicate with people? How alone do you feel?

    Id like to learn brail sometime just for the sake of it and to learn something new.
  3. I would imagine learning braille is a bitch if you don't have a heightened sense of touch.
  4. my eyes are going bad quicker that i woulda figured for being as young as i am, and since ive noticed that ive also heard things before i see em, haha give or take it could be cos i cant see aswell, but i really like to think im just better at using my ears now, i bet deaf/blind or both ...oh god... both...what would one even do?
  5. God blessed alot of us and we take it for granted. While some people cant even see or hear
  6. what if a species evoled a language using smell
  7. A lot of insects communicate by smelling each others' pheromones, it's pretty cool to think about since we're so used to relying on sight and hearing that we forget about smell and taste.
  8. It scares me to even imagine being in that position. Seriously. I have to get myself to stop thinking about it. I will also be unsubscribing from this thread as soon as I post this, so I don't have to think about it! :bolt:

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