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to avoid dry sockets, can i inhale through my nose?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by poooops, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I ve heard smoking joints is good for when you have your wisdies pulled. It takes less effort to hit then say a bong or bowl. vaporizers would work well as well. Just be careful not to cough your balls off :smoke:
  2. just my intoxicated thought process...
    roll a joint.
    put it in a large glass thats upside down to trap smoke.
    stick a straw under the glass.
    deepthroat the straw so as to avoid a mouthful of smoke.
    hit then exhale via nose.

  3. sounds complicated... OP should make weed tea.... just sayin
  4. take a t-break and enjoy your narcotics. You are lucky my friend my bro had to get his wisdom teeth ripped out when he joined the coast gaurd, no anastetic and no narcotics. they basicly just tear them out with a pliers.

    If all else fails bake some hash brownies.
  5. suction of any form is dangerous. my plan is to make a gravity bong.

    well, you seem a bit negative, feels like you're treating me like a dumbass or something, could you stop? i picked up two seperate eighths of some medicinal blue goo and MK Ultra, both strong indicas. both good pain ailments. and you know what? snorting those hits worked, asshole

    edit; oh, in case some of you didn't know, i'm trying to avoid the pills. THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU

  6. make some weed tea..
  7. lol I'm sure you can go 48 hours without weed... if not you should probably quit
  8. i just wanted to say that i made a gravity bong with a milk jug, put my downstem and bowl piece in it, filled it all up and did the works and inhaled through my nose. pretty stoned
  9. yo dude. i tried smoking when i got my wisdom teeth pulled and i got 2 dry sockets from it. I must say it hurt a ton man. its really sucked ass. got me more drugs to take thou. but yea it sucks
  10. my friend did this after he had his wisdom teeth definitely works best with bowls
  11. Just make some edibles dude, some weed tea.
  12. I have taken bong rips out of my bong before lol I even snapped a bowl through with only my schnozz. Do it man dry sockets are really bad. Or just make my weed tea :D

  13.  They truly are pussies. 
    idk what everyone was talking about...

    Thats bullshit because i went to the dentist yesterday and he said i have a massive dry socket on the right and a minor one on the left.  probably from when i started smoking
    (1 week after procedure. smoked for 4 days after 1 week until apt)
  14. #34 Thedankangel, Dec 12, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2019
    Yea these people are assholes some people just need their weed like me Haha I don't really care to take a t break I love pain killers too tho but like I said I need my weed and if you cant hit a piece through your nose you're a pansy lol

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