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to avoid dry sockets, can i inhale through my nose?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by poooops, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. well, anyone who has been browsing the apprentice zone today might know i got them removed a few hours ago. well, what i'm wondering now is that if i can inhale through my nose to avoid dry sockets
  2. what exactly is "dry sockets" is that like cotton mouth or dry eyes? AFAIK all inhaling through your nose is gonna do is irritate it and make it uncomfortably dry.
  3. I think the point is not the smoke but sucking have someone fill up a bong and just lightly inhale that's what I did and I was fine but I might have gotten lucky who knows

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  4. inhaling strictly through your nose is going to be painful
  5. Ie don't use straws etc..

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  6. it is actually both. the suction is bad and the smoke dries it out.

    dry sockets is an infection in the space where one had just had a tooth but that tooth got removed. they can be extremely painful to get and i don't want one. sounds odd, but i can burn a joint down through my nose. sure, no one else would probably want to share it with me but that's not really my point. just wondering if through the nose will do anything.
  7. Dry sockets aren't that bad. I mean, you just had your wisdom teeth out, so your tolerance for mouth pain is at it's peak.

  8. hmm, i'm going to assume you have not had a dry socket. well, neither have i, but from each person that i've met who has had their wisdom teeth removed and has gotten at least one dry socket in one of the areas where the tooth was, each has told me that the dry socket was much worse than the actual procedure.
  9. They're pansies.
  10. How about you just don't smoke for a day or two???

    Hell if you really want to get high make some edibles.
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    they vary in pain due to circumstances in which they form

    edit; they usually last just about a week, but some of them can be really gnarly.
  12. yes you can. if your up to it feel free. i have a friend who one time was like hey man give me your pipe i'm going to show you a trick....and he wouldnt tell us what it was. well it turned out to be hitting the pipe through his nose and he did get high but obviously he didnt want to tell us what was up because why would we have wanted his nose where we put our mouths.
  13. Don't know why you'd want to inhale the smoke through your nose...
    seems like it would take twice as long and be twice of a hassle.
  14. Well, im a cigarette smoker too, and i had my wisdom teeth out a couple years back. I just kinda chewed on some cotton/gauze strips until i could pack them over the hole for the most part. Not in the hole too much, but more of a cover to it. then i would keep my jaw closed so the gauze was tightly in place. then i would pull on the joint/cig very lightly. I wouldn't use a bong. Dry Socket is when the clot in the bottom of the hole breaks up enough to let air down into the jawbone. I never got it, but i was told is like 10 times worse than regular dental pain from a cavity. But the sucking thing is the key, you just dont want to use a straw to drink. i hear thats the easiest way to break it loose. I also wouldn't go too crazy with the smoking, as your risk for infection in the cuts and holes is so much greater.

    I feel for you man... I hate dental work, and pain pills.
  15. YOU try taking a bongrip through your nose.
  16. Jesus man

    Just enjoy the painkillers you undoubtedly received

    The weed will still be there in a few days

  17. THIS. just wait man, plus, you would only get a few hits in max before you started to snot all over your piece. remember smoke is a "pathogen" so you nose will react accordingly.

  18. i actually can, it's not that hard. nice logo, got me some neat threadless shirts the other day

  19. i'm sorry for preferring to aid my pain with weed instead of pills
  20. Well if you're going to pretend you're treating it like medical marijuana at least use your brain and make brownies

    Snorting hits would be bush league even for a crackhead

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