To anyone celebrating Bin Laden's death..

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  1. Have you ever stopped to think how many innocent people we've killed in the middle east? Far more than a few thousand, I'll tell you that.

    Get off your fucking high horses we're no better than them, just open your eyes.

    Celebrating any death in general is just fucked up.
  2. Yeah man I cant believe people actually hated the guy ... What has he ever done to hurt anyone
  3. Who in the fuck was celebrating anyone's death?
  4. I've been saying the same shit man.
  5. everyone we killed deserved it, all them people are terrurists

    all hail the the obamanator

    if it wasn't for him personally assassinating usama, the economy would still be in a shithole
  6. Every person in the united states that bought into the "war on terror" bullshit...

    Which is almost all of them.

    People are just completely retarded.
  7. Its all a conspiracy..

    Osama bin Laden's son is actually...


    Thats right, Obama bin Laden.

  8. you must drink Smartwater
  9. Hm, Hitler's death was celebrated. Why? he was a mass murdering fuck head. Same with Bin Laden.
    insurgents were responsible for killing over 700,000 civilians in Iraq.

    So yes, when I heard Osama died celebrating was one of the first things I did.

    Just because he has been closely connected to some of the most publicized bombings in recent history doesn't make him a bad guy right?
  10. Actually, no.

    I run on dr pepper and budweiser...

    Not really, but those are 2 of my favorite drinks.
  11. Hate begets hate.
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    When somebody does something to you violently, and you're hurt, to stop them you don't turn the other cheek, you have to hit back much harder - you FUCK THEM UP BIG TIME. I'm sorry that "innocent" people had to suffer, but Afghanistan refused to hand over that pig, bin laden, after 9/11. Personally, I thought that we should have pattern bombed, or maybe dropped a couple of small nukes on, the mountains where they were hiding - but who knows.

    We had to fight back, because to not do so would have resulted in defeat.
  13. I agree with the premise, but I think this is more about Americans celebrating the death of OBL, not the innocent brown people who probably share mutual feelings with us about his immoral agenda, but still hate us anyway for our haphazard bombing rituals.

    Sorry for the crappy sentence.
  14. This is why the human race as we know it will end.

    In the stone age, you hit them with a rock.

    Now, you hit them with a nuke, or 8.
  15. Mission Accomplished.
  16. Have you done any of this research for yourself, or did you just repeat what was told to you by the tube?

    U.S. rejects Taliban offer to try bin Laden - CNN

    Okay, maybe this won't really make you believe me...

    Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over | World news |

    Not this one either? Wait for it...

    New offer on Bin Laden | World news | The Guardian



  17. I don't disagree with this at all. The outlook is not optimistic, but the more radical Islamists there are, the worse it is - and if they get nuclear weapons, it's all over.
  18. I'm sorry, it is a lie and a disservice to our military to accuse them of causing anywhere near the destruction extremist have had on the civilian population in the mid east.

    It is simply a fact that the vast majority of deaths in the middle east have been caused by IEDs and suicide bombers. We are not over there just blowing random shit up.

    Upwards of 900,000 civilians have died in Iraq alone. A very small portion of that is the result of American military action.
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    Yes, but violence is not the answer to violence.

    It only perpetuates itself.

    And if we were to just drop nukes on them, I don't think I could stand the shame of being called an American. Sure, it might stifle them, but then we are no better if not worse than them.

    Ever wonder why there are so many IED's and suicide bombers?

    Maybe it's because America has it's big dick up their ass fucking them for no reason.

  20. They had no intention of turning that guy over to us, and never said they did. They were stalling for time and sympathy. I've read all of those links and stories you cited, many times over, and addressed the issue on these forum threads.

    The Muslim world has had nearly TEN YEARS since 9/11 to produce bin laden, and he was discovered by our miliatary living in a mansion, close to Pakistan's version of West Point.

    The Taliban is one of the most ruthless, lying, bloodthirsty, barbaric organizations in the world, and if you think for one minute that they would have turned over their hero, bin laden, to the United States, you are seiously deluded.

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