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To all you red coats

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by topman, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Been thinking about moving to London in half a year to year. Have several different family members living out there. Pretty much just looking for a new scene. But just curious aobut the weed prices, quanitity and laws. Im sure it cannot be as bad as America by any means.
  2. You comin london?? Come Forest Gate, or Hackney, or Bow, or any other part of east london! i will link u in any of dem areas and sort u out nicely with some peng grade, we can bun a few too, lol. Anyway here are the normal prices for East London where i live:

    Benners or Tens - 1.5 - 2.2 grams - £10
    Eighth or Score - 3.2 - 4.1 grams - £20
    Q or Quarter - around 8 grams - £40
    Half O - around 14 - 17 grams - £50 - £65
    Ounce or O - 25 - 32 grams - £95 - £130
    Bar - 9 Ounces - around £900

    if you're getting any more than that you should be shottin (selling) yourself.

    You should be alright getting caught with a score or benners, they'll probly just warn u and confiscate it, but any more than that and you may be taken into a police station and have ure details taken down.

    Unfortunately with London the quality and 'deals' can all be proper different, so when you find a good shotter, stick to em. wot part of london u lookin to move to?

    And just a tip, if you're 11-21, living in inner city london or on a council estate like me, and you wear hoods, hats, tracksuits, baggy trousers and are of some ethnicity other than white, then be prepared to get constantly randomly stopped and searched by police, trust me ive had it around 3 times already this week, hide it in your sock trust me :D.

  3. use 17th century lingo much?

    I was in london the week marijuana was decriminalized. What a week.

    E - hey no hookup talk, i no that doesnt apply to that post really, but just letting you know. that said - i like the terminology lessons i get from you... maybe when i head back to london i might impress some people with what i know haha.

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