To all you NYC stoners

Discussion in 'General' started by AndyPL, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Hey guys! I'll be visiting your fair city in a month's time with my mother and sisters. Unfortunately, I'll probably have trouble slinking away to get baked, but I'd still really appreciate a few suggestions on things to see and places to go.

    Like all tourists, I wanted to see the top of the Empire state building and pay my respects at ground zero... but honestly, other than I don't know what to check out.

  2. I love going to the art museums in the city, I was just at the Metropolitan Museum of Art today and the museum of modern art is amazing as well. Ive got a little brother who I love taking to the Museum of Natural History to show him the animals and other cool kid stuff. It brings us so much closer (and i always go baked as shit to all those places)

    Also, check out the village for headshops and a chill, laid back atmosphere. I also recommend Washington Square and Central Park. the zoo in CP is pretty good on a nice day. Overall the city is an amazing place and I am mega glad that I live within 20 minutes of it.
    If you need more specifics just PM me and Ill do my best to help you out with like restaurant recommendations or anything. Always willing to help a stoner out, especially Canadian ones. I have had so much fun in your country its rediculous. Best memories of my life.

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