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  1. hi all im a uk grower and we don't have the choice of going to a dispensary to get weed or clones never mind getting a mj card witch i know all us uk growers would love to have....(just me bitching)lol
    im just wondering how much you pay fore a clone from a dispensary? is it the same as buying seeds (the better the weed the more expensive the seeds are) or dos it depend on the age of the clone or if it was started in, hydro, soil. dwc.. i think you get wat i mean.
  2. the one time i purchased clones they were between 10 and 15 dollars

    producing and selling clones is a lucrative fucking business:cool:
  3. Clones here in MI go from $5-25 ea. at the dispense. Friends are much better source! (and always better stock!) Dispense meds aren't for shir usually, not bad, but midrange strength at best.
  4. In Colorado I can get clones from $5-$20. It is more for some strains.
    I can get teenagers (about 2' tall plants) for $35. I might start doing this to skip a couple weeks of vegging.

    Too bad for you POMS. ;)
  5. Washington clones range $10-$20. Teenagers from $35+ (2 feet). Depends on age and strain around here.
  6. thanks guys
  7. Here in Southern California, I can get my hands on clones and teens for max of $10-15 each. Even cheaper if you buy bulk. I just contacted a place selling clones and they have 6 for $10 each or 12 for $7 each.:smoke:
  8. what everyone says is correct. the only good thing about dispensaries is that you can get the big names in clones. with friends you have the chance of getting cleaner, disease free clones. you get the underground names sometimes and other times you get the great ones like blue dream and green crack. depends on who you know but if you wanna buy legit, the clones are not that expensive. up north here in california you can get 2' teens for 20$
  9. you said that you can get (disease free clones) from your mates. so IN A WAY you are saying that if you go to a dispensary you can get clones with a disease??? i thought that they would make sure that their clones would not have a disease because its bad for business..
  10. Not really, they're mostly all 100% healthy.
    Maybe if there's a crappy might get a little unhealthy plant. But I wouldn't worry too much as long as they have a high rating on
  11. well ive always gotten my clones from buddies of mine with no problems. the only time i did have problems with clones is when i went to a dispensary. so ive had a bad experience....maybe it was just the one dispensary or something but its easier just get it from buddies that live extremely close than drive an hour and a half to a dispensary.

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