to all you kilowatt hps junkies out there...

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  1. First I must say that as much as I love what the internet has done for growing, it is quite tedious to rummage through these sites for useful information.

    Sure there are GroFaq's, but they always leave something out and it denegrates the advantages of the instant information cesspool that is the internet.

    So in bitching about the more vacuous and frivilous opinions with which everyone clogs the forums, I've made you read some clogging of my own, and you'll have to wait just a little longer to....

    Down to the point... I would just like to offer this nugget of information as I see it overlooked by the most advanced growers and I've yet to see anyone put it forth.

    HPS are more efficient in lumen output than other HIDS, most of you I'm sure know that.

    But as for the different wattages, and I'm sure these bulbs vary,

    THE 600 WATTERS ARE LEAPS AND BOUNDS (actually about 20%) more efficient than 400 watters and about 15% more efficient than 1000 watters, (which may explain the high bulb cost of the 600's)...?

    I can't believe I haven't heard more on this esp when reading commercial grows that use big juice, not to mention with the 600 watters you can have more evenly dispersed light.

    C'mon get it together guyyyssssssssssss
  2. I think you might have not rummaged quite enough around these forums for the simple reason that the 600 watt lamp discussion has been brought up in more than a few threads. I personally posted ( not a thread) but in an existing thread about this same subject.

    There is a thread in one of these sections that discusses lighting, and while your information is good, and we are always open to new things, your statement that this information about 600 watt lights has not been considered or talked about is incorrect. The thread discusses the fact that using 600 watt lamps is more effecient, however they do not come close to the penetration of the 1K's.

    Check this thread, its in the same section as the one you posted this one in, only on the second page.
  3. Yes 1k HID's have better canopy penetration than 600w. So unless you are trimming everything except the top 2 - 2 1/2 feet of your plants or your plant is only 2-3 ft. tall in full blown flower then use a 1k.
  4. save the ozone use cfl's

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