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To All The Ones Who Smoke Resin....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Germs069, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. This bow is for you ! And if you hate on resin well haters gonna hate huh ?

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  2. The only hating going on here is you hating your lung...

    We're not trying to hurt you when we tell you smoking resin is extremely harsh for your health, and yes, I do realize what forum we're on...

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  3. Resin is killer on my lungs and i fuggin hate the taste of that and butane....

    My fault for using a BIC but still...
  4. I didn't even know what resin was until I joined this site but I tried it out about a year ago. I will never do that again. I coughed way to much and it taste so nasty.
  5. Let's post pics of our resin
  6. Eh I used to smoke resin years ago, both from scrapings and from iso alcohol. Both were disgusting.
  7. I love resin, the taste is awful, but can't argue with the nice high. It's nothing compared to a fresh bowl, but it's nice when you need to get high.
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    How do you know that?
  9. i dont know if it is or not, but i look at it as not worth smoking. its harsh, tastes horrid. i can understand it being a last resort for a desperate person,  i see it as the trash left behind, and i would not eat from the trash, why smoke from the trash?
    if anyone has any links (reputable) to whats in resin post that shit so i can read it.
  10. I understand that position^^
    And yeah it would be nice to see something scientific
  11. I only smoke ressin when its too late to get herbbs. I dont think it taste bad at all. I smokke resin off pipes only no bongs

    -Stayupp g

    what about the slide in your bong.... that will get super rezzed up 
  13. Yeah the slide is actually one of the best sources for resin, they are a lot easier to scrape than most pipes
  14. There is nothing wrong with resin. I've only done it once with my cousin because he didn't have any grass, but it wasn't desperate. We just wanted to have fun.
    exactly, use a lighter to heat it up for a couple seconds, and use a paper clip to go along the edges, BAM its all out
    then what I usually do is get a rolling paper, and roll it into a ball of resin so it avoids getting all over my fingers
  16. I do the same with a paper clip.  Gotta try the idea with the rolling paper, nice
    I don't doubt that resin is bad for your lungs (any kind of smoke is really), but it comes from the smoke of marijuana flowers, it's not like we are smoking tar from cigarettes. I doubt it has any kind of carbon monoxide because I've blown the smoke towards a fire detector in my house and it never went off (and I was right under it). Usually fire detectors detect smoke, and carbon monoxide (which isn't the same thing as carbon dioxide, which I'm sure a lot of people get mixed up, especially if they haven't taken chemistry before.)
  18. So I tried smoking a raisin, my throat still hurts. This isn't good at all
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    not really scientific, i mean smoke detectors dont work that way, they need heat, with smoke. if you could blow smoke on one and set it off, mine would be screaming all day lol. i think the new fancier ones may have something to measure the ppm in the air and it has to be saturated with carbon monoxide, which im fairly sure is not released by burning herb or resin,
    and the resin may be concentrated with psychoactive chemicals its also concentrated with carcinogens. search smoking resin and high times has a decent article about it. but with everything else from high times, take it with a grain of salt.
  20. Good idea. I gotta re res mine up first tho !

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