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  1. Power Rangers RPM.

    Wether you watched Power Rangers as a kid or not, youll be like holy shit this kicks ass!

    Seriously. Its still a tad campy, Its epic. I hadnt watched power rangers since the 90s, but when i saw a trailer for this show online, it caught my intrest. Its like terminator...but with power rangers. Seriously.

    So theres this computer virus, Venjix, and he just fucked up the world. Like completly. Its a wasteland. The few remaining humans left flee to an artificial living environment, the dome city of corinth. But venjix, hes still all pissy and shit, manufactures robots and shit, they attack shit.

    Then the Rangers fight em.

    Its awesome fun, sober or high i fucking love it. It pulled me back into the series after almost 10 years...

    If this tickles your fancy, the first 10 episodea are on Dvd now, and all are for view/download at Site Title | Small Title , just find the RPM link on the left side of the page. Enjoy.
  2. Holy crap that was longer than i though....
    damn fingers hurt from all them iphone typin...
  3. This is actually a hell of a pitch. I'm surprised how close I came to taking this seriously and seeing if I could Torrent the episodes to watch high sometime.
    Then I remembered it was Power Rangers. If I wanted disappointing post-apocalyptic sci-fi I'd just watch my BattleStar Galactica DVDs.

  4. I went as far as looking up a trailer on youtube, same power ranger crap like back in the day, although the kung fu has gotten better!

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