To all passionate gamers? Played halo reach high yet?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Iceman420, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Now im a passionate gamer, and i try to look at all the extra stuff and bits and pieces people dont take consideration in games, like environment,just because i always enjoy looking at game in a different perspective.
    Now me not playing games for a while now because of school, has anyone played halo reach campaign high? I played it for the first time yesterday(sober) still damn amazing.
    Excuse me for me improper grammar, im high right now on some jamacian:smoke:
  2. I'm willing to bet that 10 out of 10 Blades in the 'Halo Reach' thread have played it high at least once.

  3. Will be picking up Reach; after I cop my 37" 1080p lcd :smoke: Saving up takes time, but it will be so worth it. Playing 360 on a tiny 17 crt sucks, cant even read the words (they look like blobs)
  4. I haven't had weed since the beginning of the month, so no. I don't get money too often and I really really want to save for new vegas. Fuck what do I do lol.
  5. All the days I've been rated playing arena I've been high and I end up being in the onyx division with like 1650 rating and a 1.4 kd ratio haha

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