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To all new smokers!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by viper11smith, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Before I begin to delve into the matter at hand, let me first give you a little background about myself. I am a 34 year old project manager for a major telecommunications firm. I have been married twice, ended rather badly both times. I feel like I am a pretty unbiased source on the subject of marijuana, because until recently, I have been an every day smoker for about 12 years.

    Now, I realize that this post might be subject to a lot of resistance, but I think it is important to tell the truth about marijuana to new smokers before they get too sucked in to the culture, and the DRUG itself.

    I was not always an every day smoker. When I was in high school, I smoked only on the weekends and thought that it had no effect on my productivity or life in general (which I still believe that it did not). When I moved on to college, this sense of "benefit" that I thought marijuana gave me grew paramount in my mind, and really, in my existence. I was too deep to turn back. From then on I felt that I could stop whenever I wanted, but the obvious truth to my friend and family is that I was an addict. I had fallen victim to this DRUG.

    Having said this, I recently went through an extensive rehabilitation program and I have exonerated myself from this awful habit. I am writing this on a drug forum because I hope to convince new smokers to slow down and think about how marijuana will impact them before they get too deep into the DRUG.

    Marijuana kills brain cells. This has been proven through numerous scientific studies and you can never regain that cognitive ability once it has been lost.
    Marijuana can lead to psychosis and schizophrenia with prolonged use. Marijuana will sap your will and determination, slowly but surely, until it has taken over your desire to achieve self betterment and evolution as a person. Marijuana will cause you to lose distance from friends and family, as you blow them off to achieve the next high.

    Now, for all you new smokers reading this, please take heed. Veteran "stoners" will flame me and tell you that what I have said is nonsense. This is because they are trying to rationalize their own DRUG use. Stoners see others around them succeeding and thriving and they cling to their marijuana because they are afraid to achieve themselves. They are afraid to fail. Please, new smokers, do not fall victim to this horrible DRUG. Don't be another statistic.
  2. Or you can keep smoking and be like Bill Clinton.
  3. You're preaching to the converted man, this isn't a drug-use forum, it's a forum about spouting off nonsensical bullshit.
  4. lol, wtf is this shit?
  5. Carl Sagan did ok...

  6. This example is akin to showing that Whitney Houston and Charlie Sheen were addicted to coke, so coke is OK because they are successful... Pathetic.
  7. OP is right. When I smoked weed, I hung out with juggalos. Do you really want to end up like me?

    Who the fuck am I kidding, of course you do. Everyone wants to be like me :D
  8. i bet this guy gets paid by D.A.R.E. :rolleyes:

  9. HAHA you are obviously a very selective reader. And I quote "The results of the first session were conclusive: heavy marijuana users showed impairments in mathematic ability and verbal expression on the twelfth grade Iowa Tests compared to non-users."

    bye bye.
  10. This is blown so far out of proportion.

    If you can't handle marijuana, don't smoke it. To those that can handle it, don't listen to what OP is saying. It's a load of bullshit.

    But don't listen to me either... Cause you know, I'm just justifying my addiction..
  11. No I was simply saying people can still function and handle their business while on just have an addictive personality and will always find something to become addicted to so yes people like you should stay away from drugs and alcohol if it interferes with your life

  12. You see TinTizzy, people who can't handle themselves and have no self-control like to think that it isn't their fault (surprise) and that everybody will fall victim to the same devil that tempted them. Our OP here can't imagine a world where he's the weak one, so he blames marijuana instead of himself, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions, and it makes him feel a whole lot better to think that marijuana did this to him. So now, in line with his weak mind, he feels the need to warn everyone else of the dangers of marijuana, because if such an awesome person as himself could fall victim, then everyone else must be just as, if not more, susceptible to the "destructive" nature of marijuana.

    Yes, some people can't handle their drugs, they should stay away from it, but some people can, it's not a black and white issue.

  13. Juggalo's???? :poke:
  14. True story.

    Even went to hallowicked in detroit.

  15. That's unfortunate.
  16. Just because you have no self control and you had no will to have a better life doesn't mean we will, no go gtfo.
  17. whoop whoop! lol

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