To all mods sub forum request for cfl growers please.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ChiefsitanChief, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Like a sub forum to indoor growing, used for cfl growers because so many people like cfls and what they can do as far as being able to keep heat down, bulbs last almost forever, cost, light placement, controllable color temp range as the plant needs it, if a bulb falls and bust your out of 5 dollars, and your plant is not broke, on the other hand hps bulb falls and bust your out of a 100+ in some cases, some people don't wanna profit they just may be tired of being a customer, you know, also they are serious/professional cfl growers out there there has setups of a 1000w cfl grow, this could be a room were people like me could go and be proud of our grows, you would be amazed at with the right technique what you could do with cfl's, instead hearing people all day telling you to spend more on more for more (get it), no I just want to grow my 2 ladies at a time under 300w of cfl's, and enjoy my fruits. So please to all mods if you could consider making a sub forum for us "we will come" and fill it with need to know knowledge threads worthy of stickies. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  2. :smoke:mabye a CFL sticky in indoor growing where u can post links to your journal? like a link only thread mabye lol
  3. No a sub forum would be better a sticky for it would just make it confusing, and cfl growers make up a good percentage of your members/lurkers. So instead if us hunting and gathering info why not put it in one place.
  4. yea that would deff be better idk if they would do it but it would be nice i personally love cfls ive only started one grow that had to be aborted :( and i wouldnt consider using any other type except Ffluorescent lamps which are just biger versions of cfls because i dont wanna mess with the danger of fire or high voltage would hate to see my house go down in flames
  5. how long have you been growing with cfl's? most only use them till they can get something else. not sure if its a topic to have it's own room for discussion. now age appropriate forums yes. maybe 18 - 25.. 25 - 35. 45 - 55.. 65 - 155..

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