To all GUYS of GC: Are you a sensitive dude?

Discussion in 'General' started by ChillnSmoke, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. I know I fucking am, one wrong thing said to me can really ruin my day, I'm not a pussy, I just get put down a lot.
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    Not really. I just let shit roll off me.

    Unless it's really mean, or they keep trying to put me down. Then it's beat-down time.

    That's not to say, though, that I'm completely emotionless or anything like that. I just don't wear my emotions on my sleeve. If I need to talk to somebody about what's going on, I will. A lot of people that don't know me well think I'm an asshole, but all of my friends think I'm one of the nicest people ever.
  3. I can see where you're coming from, I just let shit bug me to much, it affects me worse when I'm high or drunk I guess. Most of the comments made that make me feel like shit are about my drug use, or my addiction to pills, doesn't help at all.
  4. Fuck them, man. It's none of their business what you do. I'm sure they have some problems of their own that they're hiding.
  5. Yeah, I'm honestly not whining I'm just letting everyone know why I consider myself sensitive. Fuck, half of 'em get shitfaced every night, but no, since it's considered acceptable in America to intoxicate yourself, I'm the bad person. Fuck.
  6. I am very much in touch with my emotions etc, but I don't let people get me down.

    Worrying what people think about you doesn't do anyone good man.. except maybe them, but you know.. fuck 'em.
  7. Well, it wouldn't be so bad, but it's damn near every day, just gets really old fast.
  8. I'm "sensitive" I guess, but I never let shit get to me. I'm sensitive more towards others' feelings than my own.
  9. Yeah dude, I know what you're saying 100%, but I can't help but start to wonder if I really am a junkie, and I don't see it.
  10. Yeah. And i'm blaming weed for it.
  11. It doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks in the end, but I know I let alot of things bother me and I over analyze everything people say. I hold serious grudges but at the same time feel very empathetic and always know 100% how someone feels about a situation. What can I say, I'm a lover not a fighter.
  12. Ah shit, if I was stoned on weed every day I wouldn't be as sensitive, but harder drugs fuck you over like that mentally and physically.
  13. I'm pretty sensitive, but that's okay; emotions are my muse.
  14. I can be but not in that way.

    If someone says something wrong to me that would be offensive. I usually end up lashing out on them pretty hardcore.
  15. I don't agree with violence, since I have seen it since I was a young child. Maybe I should be lashing out more, but I just don't waste my time.
  16. I'm sensitive, but in a different way. People usually don't affect me negatively unless they are really close to me... but general occurances throughout the day can really ruin my day.

    For instance, my cat woke me up today, and was pissing all over a shirt on my floor. I pushed him off, expecting him to stop, and instead, he just fell over and shot out pee all over my rug... i didn't know his piss even came out in a super-soaker-like stream like that. Needless to say, my mom came running in all pissed (as was I, but half asleep), and began spraying all carpet cleaning shit everywhere. My room reeked of ammonia and cat piss, and now i have a headache... good chance this one little (normally hilarious) occurance ruined my whole day.

    Traffic can really irk me. When fast food places fuck up, or when dunkin donuts makes my morning coffee wrong... usually any morning stuff that can piss off a grumpy, non-morning person.

    but anything people do or say, i just let that go away. Most people describe me as easy going, because thats the side of me they see. Things can really irritate me though, even subconsciously (I have IBS... everytime i get sick to my stomach, its usually because of some small, at that time unknown, reason. For instance, I'll get insanely sick the day i have a big exam, or the day before i leave on vacation, or anything that stresses me even a slight amount)
  17. I'm sensitive in the sense that I am careful of who I'm around. I don't like hanging out with pieces of shit or negative people. I'm in no way sensitive about what other people could/do say. I just react a little differently to peoples negativity. I usually don't react to negativity when it's directed at me at all. I just ignore it and let them eventually learn they're the ones that need help, not me.

    Anyone who makes fun of you has more problems than you, I don't care what they're giving you a hard time for, certain people try to point out others flaws to flaunt their own personality. It's usually in a negative way too.

    Some people just can't comprehend what they are actually doing when they call people out for dumb shit. Everyone does dumb shit.

    Have you ever been called out by some one for something and then a minute later that same person does it themselves? It's not uncommon, I'll tell you that. It's why I never call people out or make fun of anyone, everyone makes mistakes, but some people just use verbal abuse as a vice for their own weakness.
  18. I am sensative but only when it's coming from someone I care about. Also if something is said to someone else that is mean or fucked up I am even more sejsative toward them than I normally am to myself. But at the same time idgaf what other people think or say of me, unless it's someone I care about.
  19. Once again I get what you're saying. After while you do just get used to it though, I've seemed to become used to it. It bugs me, but, there's nothing I can do about it. When you have an army of people against you, and their mind is made up about who you are, you just give up after while. That's what I've done.

    EDIT: Okay, after reading all of your comments, I think your situations are a bit different than mine, in my town, everyone knows everyone, and everyone wants to know what's wrong with other people. Their mind is made up when it comes to me, no matter how much I can prove I have changed, the people here are hateful. Just fucking rude, and not afraid to be rude either. Anyways, I'm done bitching about myself... Sorry
  20. That's exactly how it's for me. I'm only sensitive to other people and not myself.

    It's very rare that something bums me out. But, when something does; I'm very sensitive to that situation.

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