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  1. Sup everyone, first i wana say thanks cause you guys solved my previus problem wich was droopy leaves, turns out i wasnt watering them correctly. Anyway a new problem has come up with my babies. The leaves are turning yellow, first it was normal as the bottom leaves tend to dry up and fall off. But the yellowness is crawling up the plant and i want to solve the problem before its too late. I have to say that the top of the plants are looking really healthy. The dude at the growshop told me it was lack of Mg or Zn or som shit like that , so i bought BIO FLORES. Gave it to the plant about 5 days ago and seen no improvement so far. I need advice on what it could be. Too much heat? Maybe the plants are rootbound? I cant think of what it is. Anyway heres some pictures so you see the problem for yourselves. PEACE!

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  2. could be potassium deficiency? does the yellowing start between the veins of the leaf then continue to turn whole leaf yellow?
    are you watering them enough they look a little droopy and would explain the leaves yellowing
  3. nopee the yellownes starts at the tip of the leaves and starts crawling all over the leave. And i am giving them 2 litres a day, every morning. I am prety sure they are geting enough water because after watering the droopiness goes away bout an hour later.
  4. maybe nitrogen def. ? i just had that start happening to some smaller plants and the morning after i hit em w/ some foxfarm growbig 1/4 str they perked right up and stopped yellowing...
  5. yes nitrogen could also be it.
  6. Sulfate is involved in protein synthesis and is part of the amino acids, cystine and thiamine, which are the building blocks of proteins. It is active in the structure and metabolism in the plant. It is essential for respiration and the synthesis and breakdown of fatty acids.

    The initial symptoms are the yellowing of the entire leaf including veins usually starting with the younger leaves. Leaf tips may yellow and curl downward. Sulfur deficiencies are light green fruit or younger leaves with a lack of succulence. Elongated roots and woody stem. Although many varieties of cannabis do get purplish stems, the trait generally extends the entire length of the plant's stem, and not just near the top as in this specimen.


  7. Ok so your all together in one thing , that its a deficency. I wil give it some more fert tomorrow and keep this updated. Thanks
  8. could also be root bound how big are your pots?
  9. Yeah, i forgot about that. Well i dont kno how many litres they are but judging from the picture do you think they are rootbound?

    Im guessing 25 litre
  10. I`d say nitrogen def or underwathering,or even rootbound by the looks of it.
  11. What actually happens if you dont transplant a rootbound plant? Will it die or just stay at the size it is at now?
  12. Definitely needs a boost of NITROGEN.

    Have you been fertilizing?
  13. Were you giving it any fertilizer before the problem started?

    There are a couple things you can do. First, I have to ask, what kind of water are you watering it with? If its tap water or something the pH may be extreme and causing nutrient lockout.

    If not...

    Your guy is probably pretty close to what it is. I also think its either nute lockout as I mentioned or a deficiency.
    Also maybe add a Tbls or two of Epsom Salt. It helps with Mg.

    Note: Dont go nuts on it though! If youve already corrected the problem its not going to fix the already damaged leaves. You have to monitor whether or not the problem continues to plague the plant.

    Good Luck
  14. Wasup Vader, yeh i was fertilizing before the problem started but only once a week. And i am using oridnary tap water, i will buy a PH regulator as u said that could be causing the problem. Thanks for the advice playasssss.
  15. 25 liters is plenty it isnt root bound

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