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  1. This morning I was awoken by my alarm clock powered by electricity generated by the public power monopoly regulated by the US Department of Energy.

    I then took a shower in the clean water provided by the municipal water utility.

    After that, I turned on the TV to one of the FCC regulated channels to see what the National Weather Service of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration determined the weather was going to be like using satellites designed, built, and launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I watched this while eating my breakfast of US Department of Agriculture inspected food and taking the drugs which have been determined as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

    At the appropriate time as regulated by the US Congress and kept accurate by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the US Naval Observatory, I get into my National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved automobile and set out to work on the roads built by the local, state, and federal Departments of Transportation, possibly stopping to purchase additional fuel of a quality level determined by the Environmental Protection Agency, using legal tender issued by the Federal Reserve Bank. On the way out the door I deposit any mail I have to be sent out via the US Postal Service and drop the kids off at the public school.

    Then, after spending another day not being maimed or killed at work thanks to the workplace regulations imposed by the Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, I drive back to my house which has not burned down in my absence because of the state and local building codes and the fire marshal's inspection, and which has not been plundered of all its valuables thanks to the local police department.

    I then log onto the Internet which was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration and post on freerepublic and fox news forums about how SOCIALISM in medicine is BAD because the government can't do anything right.

    Well now... I do believe you are all quite stupid.
  2. People so afraid of socialism must not realize how we already have socialist elements within our nation. Maybe some folks would prefer those services be owned by a business or corporation so that the middle class can go back to hunting and gathering when they're not able to afford jack shit.
  3. exactly
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    Yep, I support public owned power because to provide it in a free market is difficult and makes power more expensive for everyone. A better strategy is to let one company have a monopoly on a particular region because if not you'd have 4 or 5 different sets of power lines all over town and it would get messy and be shitty to look at.

    Being a conservative means making a rational economic decision, not thinking like "I want everyone to be equal cause I thinka bout things in the most emotional way possible" and then implementing policies without looking at long term and broader effects.

    And you know free market competition with the FDA would LOWER costs of drugs. Free market would take care of all those things, including weather forecasts becuase: THERE WOULD STILL BE A DEMAND FOR THOSE THINGS AND PEOPLE LIKE MAKING MONEY! Power and water are difficult though because getting there services requires tons of intfrastructure be built.

    And you think everyone would just die if their was no federal safety agencies? I've worked tons of jobs with no safety inspectors or federal regulations, you know why I didn't die. BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS.

    don;t you understand that the reason America has a high standard of living is because of for-fathers PRODUCED things. You don't get rich by dividing wealth. As the population increases if you don't increase wealth the standard of living will drop. And I don't want that.
  5. Accepting food from a prison camp isn't an endorsement of the prison camp.
  6. Honestly Ameirca has gone so far to the right. Its like Conservatives want to create the exact opposite of Socialism, which isnt much better. Extremes on both sides are not good for any country.

    You need regulation and govt controls to keep the country functioning, Conservatives want to destroy America from within, theyre worse than terrorists because they intend to undermine their own country. Personally i just call these people what they are, Fascists.

  7. YEah cause people are incapable of functioning unless the government does everything.:rolleyes:\

    and you must not know what that word means cause facism is regulation of the market. Products and services must conform to government regulations. Sounds like thats what you want, facist.
  8. Stop watching Glenn Beck and learn how to spell Fascism.

    God, im so glad i live nowhere near you uneducated puppets. Take a economics class or two.
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    I'm glad you couldn't accualy respond to what I said and instead had to point out a typographical error to make yourself feel good. I don't watch Glen either so your comment has no weight.

    Economics: you should know that even if those government services were eliminated their would still be a DEMAND for those things, so obviosuly a SUPPLY of those things will be forth coming: why? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SELFISH AND LIKE TO MAKE MONEY.
  10. You made no points worth challenged. Its kind of like some bum on the street ranting and raving about something he has no idea about, and when i ignore him, He claims to have won the argument.

    Honestly, go to school, get a degree in Politics and Economics, like i did and than try making an argument. Everything you said can be DESTROYED by a first year politics class. Why should i even argue with someone with no merit, whos mind will never see the truth because you have been indoctrinated to be blind to it.

  11. Then destory it. Come on I'm waiting.

  12. 1. Conservatives only have a problem with unconstitutional socialism from a Federal level, not state operated public works

    2. The government can't do most things right, especially from DC. Most of the programs you listed are in fact failures, like the FCC, FDA, DoA, EPA, Federal Reserve, USPS. If you want to get into each one we can. :)

    3. In medicine I would rather have either fully private or fully state operated. For the past 60 years it's been fascistic, or corporatist, so it sucks, and still sucks.

    The argument is that if people are given the full fruits of their labor they will spend their money better than bureaucrats that tend to be easily corrupted. I'm not necessarily for privatizing all public utilities, but things like agriculture and medicine would thrive if we weren't taxed to pay for the GSE's.

    I'm pretty sure balanced budgets are good for a country.

    The guy that wants government controls and regulation calls the people who want capitalism fascists. You sir, are a fucking genius. :laughing:

    I'm a master of economics and history. Lets play.

    Haha, bullshit. Either you're a hardline keynesian sheep that doesn't give a shit about economics, or you are still in highschool.
  13. Well, now, don't well all feel "stupid"...:rolleyes:

    Speaking of ignorance, it's not quite the value that these organizations bring to every one of us in our daily lives...'s the price the fucktards in charge demand that we pay for all of it...somehow "value" tends to lose it's sheen when the price affects your grandchildrens grandchildren...

  14. It sure would be awesome having 80 highway companies building a fuckton of roads all over the place.
  15. Did government regulators come up with that antiquated, lame-ass chain e-mail too?

    This has been done before, but the difference was that dude actually added some of his own thoughts, you know? Some bit of substance beyond the most basic ad hominem shown here.

    "If you believe this, you're stupid lol"

    Well, no shit Sherlock.
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    This from a guy whining about what "conservatives" are doing in government, when Democrats have controlled it for nearly 6 years now. :rolleyes:

    If you really believed this, you would be living in one of the world's socialist paradises instead of in this capitalist shit hole. Oh wait.....
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    Did I say I'm for privatizing ALL ROADS? No I did not. The roads case is the same as power company case. I agree with a tax for roads because roads are used by everyone.
  18. Plus, it doesn't infringe on your personal liberty. It actually adds to it. Where as socialized health care makes you a subject of the federal government.
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    I think the OP got conservatives mixed up with anarchists. But by all means, it's a well done rethorical piece. Maybe that is why I found that it's been copy-pasted all over some 2000+ sites and blogs. Just a friendly tip to the OP, when you copy someone elses article, you also need to credit the author (if known) and where you found it (with link if possible). If you don't some might think you wrote it yourself, whilst in reality all you did was press less than 6 buttons to post it.

    But more on the subject, whilst some who call themselves conservatives seem to think the state is basically useless or at the very least a bumbling giant that should be severly cut down in size, that is not true of all conservatives, if even the majority.

    So the argument is really a very good example of a few fallacies. First is ofcourse gross generalization, which is done in order to erect a strawman. In reality, many of the government programs mentioned in the article, was put into place under conservative administrations.

    It's not un-conservative to think an administration should provide funding for education, infrastructure, science, research and so on. And neither is it un-conservative to have health and safety regulations.

    Conservative means to err on the side of caution. It do not mean shutting down the state and all public programs. Just the silly regulations, policies and programs. Which that is, is an entirely different discussion, but I think one good place to start is slicing deficit spending, more progressive taxes, bettering infrastructure and encouraging industrial growth :)
  20. What I want to know is why is everyone reporting my post? I disagree with a lot of the people on here but I don't report them. You're trying to get me banned because my views are different than yours? It seems to me like you are supressing my freedom of speech. I thought conservatives were all about defending the Constitution? I guess not.

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