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    Hi everyone

    I've got my 4 monsters in a 1.5x1.5 under 1200w hps

    Due to having an inspection coming up I'm forced to chop a few days early (in around 10 days time) , and with that I've had to take my ones in a 1m tent out that are vegging, that gives me the space to put 1 on its own for the last ten days under a 400watt mh, is it worth it as it would surely give the other 3 more lumens?? What are your thoughts thanks btw pics don't do it justice lol

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  2. Do not put it under mh. Needs the reds for flower . will think its spring again and fuck its timer up

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  3. some growers change to the MH for last few weeks in flower ,they say the UV given off by the MH light helps resin production ,,,so it wont hurt you plant ,,mac
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  4. Yeah I just thought overall it means two 6 inch scrubbers on them aswell instead of one i can spread it across the two.. Literally never knew the stench was going to be this bad hahah but l will take that as a good sign
  5. 4 PLANTS IN A 1.5x1.5?!?! Can we see a "full pic" of the tent??:love-m3j:
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