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Discussion in 'General' started by eatinbyaretic, May 18, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone i'm new to grasscity. Anyway, i just moved to nashville from cincinnati, and wanna see how many tn tokers there are in here. I smoke around a 1/4 a day. Love bein high and will always be high. I must say that pipes are the best invention known to man!
  2. im here with ya yo.
  3. Hey I'm a TN toker too. There seem to be a lot of us lurking around here. Welcome to the city!
  4. I'm a TN toker, too. Knoxville during the school year and Nashville for the other times.
  5. I'm from TN. I',m about 25 miles from down town Nashville!
  6. TN here, too.

    Welcome to the wonderful City of green, green grass!
  7. Im glad i moved here after i found out the prices. in cincy an oz goes for around 160 here its 90... Damn whod of thought? Anyway im like 2 min from the grand ole opry. If anyone ever wants to get together and toke, that would be cool, seeing as i have virtually no friends here.
  8. I was at OpryMills yesterday..

    It's about a 35 minute drive.
  9. Only about 20 minutes to the mills for me. I'm actually applying for a job at Macaroni Grill there. Some of us oughtta get together and toke sometime. *checks watch* Actually, I'll be there tomorrow turning applications into macaroni grill and chilis too.
  10. i turned an app into the grill about a month ago, when they first opened, the guy there told me that they were already fully staffed but theyd probley have a high turn over rate. good luck. i actually work at fairfield nashville (like a min from the mall) im the sercurity guard hehe, im at work now.... anyway i cant wait till i get paid to get me a nice oz..
  11. I know someone that works at the Grill. Apparently she's one of their fav employees or something. I went in and they said they were hiring so mebbe with my charm and a good word from her I'll get the job.
  12. That be badass if we all got together at OpryMills.Pm me if you ever really want to do it im down for it.

  13. im game to meet at opry mills.. make up a time and date or i.m me on aol screen name eatinbyaretic. sounds like fun... c ya
  14. I'm gonna be at the Mills tomorrow at 2 for an interview at chilis. If this doesn't work out I think I'm gonna have to work at the cooker or go back to DQ. I can't spend my entire summer looking for a job and no one wants to hire for the summer.
  15. well if they dont want to hire for the summer then dont tell them that part lol. when you go to opry mills, have you been to the career center? they will help you find a job. Just make sure you have a pen with lots of ink when you go. What are you going to school for?
  16. I don't think I got the job at chili's. One of my friends apparently got hired today like a half hour after I was there without filling out an application and only doing 1 interview when they told me they had a two interview process. They even told me that it would not be a problem if I only worked for the summer. I don't volunteer that info but I don't lie about it when someone asks. I may have to go back to the jon I had before even tho I don't want to. I'm going to school for Computer Science. I didn't know they had a career center at Opry Mills and I'm getting tired of using my gas money to go there when I don't have a job.
  17. i feel ya, on the whole gas money thing. hey are you on aol?
    if you are whats your s/n?
  18. right now my sn is DMG758 but we're about to get cable so I'm gonna have to use a different one soon.

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