Tn Medical Marijuana Campaign. State Wide. Help Needed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by sticky94, Jun 6, 2013.

    yo guys, i'm new to the forums but been using the site and scrollin around for knowledge on here since i was a freshman in high school. Grown up a bit since then and now find my focus and attention almost solely on getting medical marijuana legalized in the state of Tn. I see people suffer everyday and pay the consequences of this states harsh and ignorant laws the same way im sure most of yall have. To even be heard in this state and be taken seriously it will take numbers that havent been seen before in TN supporting, writing letters, emails, calling, social media campaigns and standing outside in the street of the nashville, knox, chattanooga, etc with signs and flyers to educate the masses. Currently just lookin for people who wanna help. this isnt fly by night kinda thing, it will take time and patience. Right now im lookin for good graphic designers and artists to get some posters or signs designed. I almost moved away from this state to pursue green grass in a state with legal bud or medicine but i would be doing the people in my home state wrong. private message me or post in here if you want to help, have ideas, have helped in things like this before. every little bit helps. 

  2. Fight the good fight. I succumbed to commiting to relocation rather than chancing getting rebusted here in Arkansas. If you've never been busted you don't have any strikes against you, and that is a plus. I am filing for early termination of probation so I can get the hell outta here and live life like a human with rights.

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