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TN got some good bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by WishfulThinker, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Aww yeeees. I'm used to picking up pretty dank shit but usually eighths or so at a time. Today I didn't even expect to be buying bud since all I had was 40 and still had 1.5 or so of some white rhino. School ends and everyone happens to have 30-50 bucks each. Earlier that day my dude texted me to let me know he picked up some blue dream and cataract kush (spelling?). So we come up with 170 between 4 of us, call our dude expecting to pay full price (20 a g). Not this time, this time we snag 6 g's of both strains reducing us all to giggly school girls (as lame as it sounds). So my question to you all Is: are iPhones safe for uploading these gorgeous nuggetry's? Thanks!
  2. C'mon someone help me out haha
  3. yeah they're safe
  4. pics or it didnt happen lol
  5. No you'll be arrested and imprisoned for years within hours.
  6. Nice avatar dude. That chocolate is so fucking good. I remember eating it all the time as a kid. And as long as your not a big time drug dealer, you should be fine posting a couple gram nug shots. But if you're slinging, don't be surprised if they use that as a way for a knock and talk.
  7. #7 Doc-J, Dec 21, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012
    As long as geotagging is off you are fine with pics.

    This website is hosted in Holland, and some small ten police department isn't getting that info. They don't give a shit anyway as long as you aren't selling.
  8. Okay, pics soon! A lot of nug left with 2 people but I have 6ish grams to show tonight. All of it tomorrow.
  9. Here they go! Cataract kush, blue dream, and I went to a party last night and a buddy of mine gave me this vape out of the kindness of his heart. I haven't tried it and don't know much about it so if you know anything on it let me know.

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  10. Someone let me know what's up with this vape haha! I'm having very little luck using it efficiently.
  11. vape is for hash/oil it will not work very good for bud
  12. I see.. Well I don't come across very much hash nor oil :(

    What would you value it at if a trade/sale opportunity arose?
  13. Today was a good day in ol Tennessee :). Turned to my little buddy in the ghetto for some trees and wasn't too disappointed (besides it smelling like hay..).

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