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Tlowering Tolerance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gadbrum, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. i have been smoking for a couple years now and my tolerance is pretty high. I am going to detox but i have no idea if that will even help. i want to know if tolerance is mental or physical. any recommendations?
  2. it's both, the thc has to break down in your body until it's mostly gone. for that to happen you just need to stop smoking for a week or two, or longer if you can.
  3. buy some detox stuff to help speed up the process a little (you'll pretty much just pee like a maniac for a few hours)

    working out i've heard helps too.

    tolerance isn't really a mental issue, but resisting all the urges to toke up are
  4. Dude, when you smoke you have to free your mind. You cant expect the drugs to just whosh away you're soberness. Let the bud take you away. Well, enough of my high rambling, Peace, :bongin:
  5. Due to a holiday and stuff, it's been nearly 2 weeks since i've had a smoke.

    Might try and make it a month. :)
  6. I think it is both, but it mostly mental. Physically THC is broken down in the course of a few hours in your brain, but the metabolites of THC stay in your fat for weeks following, but the metabolites are non psychoactive therefore not affecting your tolerance at all. If you smoke multiple times in a day tolerance builds up over the day. But a lot of it is mental as well just because if you smoke a lot you are used to the feeling. After my 2 week tolerance break I was so unbelievably high mostly because I forgot what being high was like and was not used to it at all. It was amazing.

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