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  1. ok i got a prob...my closet is not that big and i got 4ww and 3ppp and 2 mango and the largest is getting about 6-7inches

    will i get much if i start flowering now?

    i saw that woody wrote that you can start flowering at 6-10 iches
    and thats just fine for me because i aint got room for very big plants right now...

    and one more thing the pots they are in is about 1-1,2 L pots
    can i flower in these if i start at 6-7 inches or do i need to replant?

    the prob is i just dont room for bigger pots...

    this is my firts grow so be nice=P

    if you need pic just ask and il take a couple
  2. pots r a bit small but if thats all u got room 4 then go4it. just keep a real good eye on them and dont let them stay dry 4 to long.

    lots of small plants shud give u a better yeald than just 1 big plant so alltho ur plants r very small u shud still get some gud bud off them.

    1 thing u mite wanna think about is taking some of ur plants out of the closet and keeping them vegging elsewhere while u flower wots left.

    do u know if ur plants r m or f? u may find ur gonna bin half of them anyway if they turn out male and crowded plants do turn male quite a lot.
  3. maybe you should flower now
  4. thanx for the fast response had this post all day and only 3ppl looked at it change it to titsn beer i get an answer in 5min lol......

    i dont have any other lights so it be hard to take some out..

    dont know the sex of any of them yet...should i keep them as separeted as possible?
    and is 6-7 inch to small to flower?
  5. You can start flowering now..its a bit early..but if space is something you dont have, then you have no other choice.
    Untill they start showing male/female sex than you dont need to seperate them any more than possible, but its good to haev them as seperated as possible to allow light to get to each of the leaves.
    If you have more room width wise then you do length wise, you can try tying your plants down a bit to allow for more growth.
    Keep in mind, plants will about double in height from start to finish of flowering.
    You wont get as much yield as if you had flowered later, but some weed is better than no weed.

    p.s - smart thinkin on the tits n beer..lol
  6. how about this 4 a plan....

    put them in flower now. c how many fems u get. if ther all fems then flower them all. if ther all males ur fuked. if u have half n half, say 4 fems then bin the males, pot up the fems into bigger pots let them veg a bit bigger then put them back into flower when there the size u want. ok its gonna slow ur grow down by 2 or 3 weeks but its gonna give u the best harvest...
  7. great plan..thats just what il do

    keep you posted how it goes


  8. ok now my plants have beed flowering for almost 8 days and i still cant se the sex shouldnt i be able to see it by now?
    this is my first grow so maybe its just me who cant tell

    they are really bushy by the way nice looking midget plants

    the dont get light from the top they get it mostley from the side thats way theyre so bushy
  9. make sure ther is NO light in ur room during the dark spell.

    have a good look at them with a magnifing glass, the flowers mite only b tiny little things.

    some plants can take 2weeks to show sex.
  10. no worrys my groow room is pitch black..

    its getting wery crowded in there now so il have to fint some males soon so i can toss them

    i know it must be pitch black but is it ok to have the lights on for like 10min so i can check them out and take some pics?
  11. no its not.

    12hr dark means 12hrs of dark, if u piss about with it then it will slow the flowering down or even send them hermi.

    if u cant take pics with the grow light on then turn it off 4 a min, or wait till it turns off and snap away then but dont take all knt over it.

    just a quick question, u dont have a ion genarator in ther to keep the smells down do u?
  12. hehe no i dont..i didnt think it would smell that much

    but now that theyre 8days in to flowering i see how wrong i was
    im truly fucked lol
  13. good, dont get 1. there not much good and if ur using fluros the ions can arc on the tube and make it light up during the dark spell.

    if ur starting to have probs with it now then turn the light down to 11/13 or even 10/14. the extra dark shud speed the whole deal up. when u have spotted the males rip them and put the light back up to 12/12, the plants will carry on in flower.
  14. thanx for the fast replys ok il try that putting them on 11/13 now..

    il keep posting m

    maybe take some pics tonight i can post.....
  15. buy a red light bulb and put it in a lamp in your grow room, when you need to go in during the dark cycle use that. the red light will not interupt the cycle.
  16. Is it red light? I thought it was green...could be both or I could be wrong, though.
  17. i think it wud b green aswell. plants use blue and red, they reflect the green, thats y they look green.

    even then i wudnt do it. if u cant get it done in 12hrs ur doing to much.
  18. its red light in dark rooms wher u do film and whore houses. mayb thats wher hes getting confused??
  19. actually i heard it was both red and green but i heard red was better. i do agree that you shouldn't use it, but in a pinch sometimes you have to be in there so it is a good idea to have one around
  20. here are my midgets

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