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  1. When someone post on a thread and under there username it says something they wrote like the legend.orblunts for life its kinda like a sig or quote under there name.how do i go about getting this.right under name name it is says registerd member how do i change that nad put what i want
  2. Edit your account details or information, its under edit account, im currently using the Droid app since my iNet got shut off so im not sure....hope it helps tho likely not. :(
  3. Go to the top right, Click my account, Edit your details, Custom user title.

    Then type in what you want.
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    Yea....what he said, lol
  5. Alternatively, if you spin around three times counterclockwise, then do a handstand while shouting the phrase you want as your user title at the top of your lungs, the next time you log in to GC it will have changed.

    Trust me.
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    suck my balls...lolololol sike nawl

    but really suck my balls

    Disrespect does not fly here, under any circumstances. -Durchii
  7. It's all funny to say that until you're really drunk one night and wake up to drippy boxers and some dude's beard in your lap...just saying.
  8. maybe im gay
  9. Man you aint even gonna last long enough to change it

  10. Did you even try my method first? I promise it works! Unless it's on a Thursday, in which case you have to spin clockwise while juggling seven bowling pins. You can't just make this stuff up!
  11. If you suck my balls, I'll teach you how... :D

  12. Based on your avatar and status, I picture Stewie doing this shouting "Golden Acapulco Nights."

  13. Dude, come to think of it, that phrase sounds pretty awesome in Stewie's voice. :laughing:

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