Title: Pretty Girl In The Trunk

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    Danielle Dennis-Towne (18)

    Danielle was visiting the outer banks from Illinois. She was staying with 19 year old Enrico Luciano Mascro. Mascaro's family reported both teens missing on Friday, with a nationwide alert being issued after police found a crime scene at a nature trail in Kitty Hawk. Using cell towers, Mascaro's car was found more than 300 miles away in a parking lot in Clifton Forge, Virginia, a young woman's body was in the trunk. Mascaro was taken into custody and now faces homicide and fugitive from justice charges.

    This is what I think supposedly happen on July 15.

    Enrico & Danielle was driving along I35 chit chatting about the days event ahead when all of a sudden Enrico gets an epiphany in his own head and ask's Danielle if she could bend down over. When Danielle replied back oh I suppose on some fallacious reason such as "No, I don't want to suck your greasy dick!"

    Enrico gets enraged and a argument breaks out, Enrico pulls over and after the heat of the moment finds Danielle lifeless body by the side of the passengers door. He then decides to put her in the back trunk for safe keeping.

    Your thoughts? :confused:

  2. Sound like an open and shut case. Congrats on the detective work!
  3. I'm way too high to handle this, like what's going on?
  4. my thoughts?

    The FUCK did you post this for.

  5. I wish I could neg rep you..

  6. this, what the FUCK did you post this for?

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