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title loan help

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stoner stevie, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. So to start, I'm a young idiot. Still in college, and now my fucking car has been towed. I woke up at 6am this morning, to a guy with a tow truck ready to do his business, obviously there was no stopping him. 
    I'm about to pay off the remainder of my title loan to get my vehicle back, I actually had to borrow money from my parents, and thankfully they were willing to do it for me. Aside from all of that I made sure to grab a few important things before he left, it included my frisbee golf discs, my longboard,  and about an 8th,....but I forgot my dab pipe in the middle console of the car. 
    To my understanding they do a full inventory of everything in there, things I stupidly left in there without realizing it would be a (mostly) empty case of budlight platinum, it had maybe 2 left in it, my dab pipe, and the rest is just junk. My question is, what the hell are they going to do to the dab pipe? It's relatively small, maybe about 6-8 inches tall, wrapped up in bubble wrap. So you can't see it, but it is wrapped tightly around multiple layers of bubble wrap. (the bubble wrap is to prevent it from breaking in the car, as i drive quite a bit. Thanks for reading, and a word of advice, stay the fuck away from title loans. Never again would I put myself in such a situation.

  2. If he wants it he will keep it, if not will throw it away.
    If he's a nice guy might return it.

    No idea what a title loan is lol
  3. I used to work for a towing company and its all pretty legit. Unless it was some shady ass company they wont fuck with anything inside the car.
  4. Wow they're actually allowed to go through your car? Shouldn't the be some kind of privacy regulation in place to prevent tht?
  5. In Canada there is, we took inventory of all the visible items in the car so we could prove we didn't steal anything but glove boxes and center consoles were off limits. It could be different with a private impound like this, title loans can be a bitch.
    but since you're the one doing the inventory you can just steal whatever you want??
  7. If I wanted the guy to call me out on it, in which case its my word against theirs in court. We had an SKS and $25,000 worth of diamonds go missing one time but no one ever admitted to it hahah.
    oh wow and you guys got over tht?? between us tho did u do it? :D
  9. Haha, it wasn't me or I'd have turned those diamonds into a huge grow op [​IMG]
    They couldn't prove that those items were in the car, and we had "24/7" surveillance that showed nobody entered the car.
  10. yeah, so dab maul, if you ran across a pipe or whatnot, would you take inventory on it and just leave it alone?
    rofl im retarded. i thought those things disappeared from your and your roommates apartment.
  12. I don't think they are aloud to go through your shit.
    Unless all the stuff is right out in the open I don't think I would worry about anything.
  13. Yeah, I have no need for dirty pipes and you never know what other people are smoking. We impounded lots of sketchy vehicles full of syringes and unmentionables so a little pipe probably wont even get noticed.
  14. What do you mean by dab pipe? Healthstone?
    Payday loans and title loans just aren't worth it.
  15. Shouldnt be a problem man haha, my friends car got impounded and he left a roor bong that was like 2 feet high and clearly visible in the back seat.

    The guy who ran the lot just shrugged it off and laughed, probably used it while it was there tbh.

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  16. I use to repo cars and I took a ton of shit ranging from change in the ashtray to computers I even took rims off a truck once. Found a lot of pills but one time I found a huge bag of dope right after I took this lady's jeep I chucked that into a river as I fled the scene . Probably explains why she came running out of her house with a gun. Man that was a fun job

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