Titanium vs ceramic vs quartz

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  1. Hey guys, looking into getting a domeless nail. Either a hive ceramic domeless, highly educated dualiti, or Quartz banger or other domeless.

    So I'm wondering what material is better. I like to be able to see it get red so I can get the temp I want. But I also don't want to put to much heat on the joint and don't want a drop down. So what do you think is best? Also I have a blazer Firefox torch. Small flame but it's 2400 degrees. Will it heat fast enough?

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  2. Titanium will allow the most heat to transfer to the joint, however, the joint is borosilicate (lab-grade glass intentionally created to withstand extreme temperatures for extended periods of time) so you only have to worry about Domeless nails cracking joints if you heat your nail way too much every time you dab. If you're getting your nail glowing red hot, you're getting it too hot and you're combusting your dabs rather than vaping them anyway. If you insist on incinerating your dabs on a red hot nail I don't recommend ceramic, as it will quickly crack after exposure to too high of temperatures after a few weeks. Quartz gets good flavor, can handle a lot of heat, and won't cause a lot of heat transfer to the joint, but is more fragile than the Ti. Considering price and your needs, I'd recommend a Quartz nail.

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  3. I let my nail cool before dabbing I just like to see the red start and then cool. I really like the look of the dualiti but I hear it gets stuck and breaks joints and has a bad taste. Very Tough decision.

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    Personally I like the club banger, it is a little pricey but you really get what you pay for. The banger holds heat very well because the quartz is very thick on the bottom and because of the thickness it takes a little longer to heat up as well. Keep in mind you may not see as much red on the banger as you would on a Ti nail until you get it seasoned, trust me when I say a Ti dome-less won't match the taste of that banger.
    I don't see why not 2400F is pretty hot, the only thing I would be worried about is that the flame may not be big enough to evenly heat your nail. I found that either using a propane torch or a butane creme brulee torch work best for even heating and usually heats up the nail gradually enough to get your desired temp. The windless blue flame mini torches that I've tried don't seem to heat as evenly as the torches I recommended and I'll usually have some errl left over in the nail which sometime gets wasted when I try to heat up the nail again. 
  5. It's not just the dualti, all domeless Ti's get stuck on the joint. You just have to heat the nail up to dabbing temperature, grab it with pliers, and it slides right off with ease. When you heat the nail for a dab the titanium expands and slides down the joint a little bit; when it cools off it shrinks back to its normal size and pinches the wider part of the joint that it slid down to, causing it to get stuck. While it's easy to remedy, it is one of the disadvantages of Domeless Ti nails.

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  6. Or just use some parchment paper so that the domeless doesn't stick to the joint
  7. Ti is the best hands down. Especially a Ti nail with a removable head. Look up the Highly Educated Infiniti nail. One of the best on the market and has a replaceable head unlike the dualiti. 
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    Do yourself a favor and don't buy a hive. Buy an American made ceramic that will last you.
    The only reason people talk badly about ceramic cracking and all is because of hive's china junk.

     I had my American made ceramic for almost a year and the only time it cracked was when i dropped it, and it still functioned 100% after that.
    For a torch I prefer ceramic, For enail i prefer quartz, and as for TI i just don't dab off things with toxins in them.
  9. Is titanium really that gross? Or does it just not taste as good as quarts and ceramic

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    You really wont find many toxins in Ti unless you get China product. Titanium is graded. The higher then grade the least amount of impurities. Take a look at this link. You will find more toxins in your butane then a high quality Ti nail. Not to mention you have to get Ti hot enough to almost melt before it releases any impurities it has.
  11. For those of us that don't do much of that book learnin can you tell me how Ti would release toxins from an enail setup?
    -protip: you cant
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    Lol yeah probably not going to happen.

    TI has to be heated to extreme temperatures for those toxins to be released. 7,000f+ I think. Our torches don't go that hot

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    Fully aware of the temperatures TI outgasses at.... Pro-tip: I produce both the products that are being mentioned.... 

    I said "for enail I prefer quartz" and "as for TI I just don't dab off things with toxins in them"   

    Show me where I made claims of them outgassing on an enail setup? 

    It's just my personal preference, if something has the potential to release toxins or even contains them i'm not the most comfortable using it.... and that's just a personal preference.

    For my body, I prefer "not any" vs "not many" ..... just a preference.
  14. I like Ti, but my favorite overall is quartz, it just needs to be well made and adequately thick. I love the shit out of my Joel Halen honeyhole, I heat it to red, wait until it stops glowing, then wait 45 seconds and cap with a silicone dish lid, it's super flavorful dabs. The only thing that's kept me from using it is an enail.

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