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Titanium Space Case Damaged Quite Easily

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cakedup, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. My friend received his titanium space case on tuesday and hes used it once, when he was out of herb he unscrewed it and gently tapped the sections to get excess herb ut, when he screwed it all back together there are a couple of chips in the grinder close to where the 1st screwed part is, hes quite annoyed about this as these things arent cheap, it also squeaks when your screwing/unscrewing the section your herb falls into after grinding
  2. does the grinder still work? - then whats the problem? i have a metal grinder that is old and beaten, the paints come off - the threads a little bit ruined but still work (just). but it still works, and is one of the best grinders i;ve ever used!

    a few pics might of helped, because a "chip" can be a tiny little blemish, or a large missing chunk!
  3. Yeah it still works, just gutted after reading this from a uk seller on ebay...

    The Titanium version offers some non-stick properties, and uses an anodizing process that changes the viscosity of the aluminum, increasing it's strength by about 100% and making it dark in color.
  4. They have a lifetime warranty don't they?
  5. Is it a real space case? They sell "space cases" on ebay for like 10 bucks, when in reality the real ones retail for 30 - 50 depending.

  6. How would I go about contacting space case?

  7. I hope its a real one, it cost my friend over $80 which included delivery

    Its got space case & made in usa on the top
  8. Sounds real for sure.

  9. Dunno. Don't think they have an official website so your buddy's best bet would be to go through the website he bought it from... If they are an authorized seller they will have contact information for spacecase and you might even be able to fix it through them.
  10. jesus christ 80$ for a fucking grinder???

    mine cost like 8$ at the local 7/11 type store, made out of solid steel, with screen/kief pit and i would rate it as extremely high quality

    80$ for something to break up herb in, and its a pos? lol.

    shoulda slapped ur friend b4 he ordered it.

  11. it may increase strength/toughness etc, and the anodizing should of taken care of surface hardening but it seems like either its a fake grinder (which from the price etc i'm guessing its real) or that you may just have got a faulty one.

  12. Surely there shouldnt be any faulty ones being allowed to be sent out, after all these are the rolls royce of grinders

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