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  1. ok who else loves this movie
  2. No, cannot say I do.

    Loved Iron Man though.:cool:
  3. aw i loved titanic! never cried so much in a movie though!! so sad.. iron man was amazing too
  4. Yeah its a pretty decent movie. Did you watch any of the programs on tv for titanic week back in April? I used to live in Halifax and my apartment was right beside the Fairview cemetary where all the recovered bodies were buried.

    lol Iron Man is definately much better :p
  5. Most people in the theater was crying, but I was the only one people were actually turning around to look at... the baby in the water just finished me off. Didnt cry for jack though, Im more of a Billy Zane kind of girl
  6. I like the part where the dude falls and hits the propeller.
  7. no i couldnt watch any programs on it if i wanted to. too depressing... living right next to that cemetery is crazy too.

    thinking about the baby in the water could make me cry now.. im too sensitive :/
  8. i'm watchin it right nosw its a good drunk movi

  9. I found that week on the discovery channel to be on par to shark week in how awesome it was. Everything from the building of the titanic, the very struggle that it was to accomplish such a feat, all before welding was even invented. Down to the atmospherics that caused them to not be able to see the iceberg to the physics of its sinking. They were even finally able to identify the uknown child.
  10. it's pretty crazy shit. i wonder what it would have been like to be there that night...1912 was a completely different era, but it wasnt THAT long ago at all...
  11. Im sure it sucked.

    But thats just my opinion.
  12. kavld aout to go to dinner yall ow shit

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