tis the season to be "jolly"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HendrixIsMyHERO, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. THis one night i had about a quarter of some nice hash. Since my bro got caught my mum and dad searched his and my room they stole all the pipes and bongs i needed something smoke the the mj, i walked outside and found a house with light up candy canes at the door. It took me what seemed forever to get the cane unstuck. Soon i made a screen. glue it to the the curved end, and by the end of th night, i was out.

    What are some stories of you guys going to the extreme to find anything that will make you a pipe etc.
  2. did you offer the owners of the decoration a toke?!
  3. Using a juice carton as a bong before.
  4. yeah

    this is the most desperate i have ever been to get high

    like a month ago my buddy and i are driving to san diego and i am like dude i have some weed but no lighter or any piece or anything. so then i was like dude lets see if there if we can make a piece just out of the stuff in my car before we get there. so my friend and i go through a bunch of shit and find a pen and a napkin. then i took the pen apart, and my freind rolled a funky j with a thin slice of the napkin. so then we put that in the end of the pen so it was like a j in a cigarette holder. then i used the car lighter to light it up. and that is the most desperate thing i have done to smoke my reefer.

    also i made like a million bongs out of gatorade bottles before also, they hit fuckin hard and get you super fucked up

    Ha ha also this is fuckin funny

    one of the 2 roomates i have right now is an uptight bitch and would rat me out if he knew i smoked but i made a bong out of and ocean spray juice bottle with a pen and tin foil, and i just had fresh cold water in it and i would put it in the back of the fridge and no one even know about it. i had it in there for like a month it was awesome. to clear it you would have to take out the bowl, then take like 3 hits to clear the bottle, it got everyone super high
  5. a few months back i went to my girlfriends sisters house,while they were out back i went in to use the bathroom and get a quick smoke,when i realized i had nothing to smoke out of,after searching i found some aluminom foil and her daughters ruber ducky,so poked two holes one for the aluminoin foil bowl and to inhale the smoke,worked pretty good until her sister called her and cussed like hell for ruining her duaghters duck and letting her kid find it,still until this day her sister wants to kill me

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