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Tired/Out of it... could it be the brownies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by a_bong_princess, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. So I made pot brownies the other day with some mids, and have eaten them twice since. The first time I was @ my friends' and we just ate them and smoked (the stuff we smoked was stronger, probably considered chron), then sat watched a movie.
    The second time was last night, me and another friend finished the last two before skiing, then smoked on and off the whole night.
    Idk if this has more to do with the fact that I was skiing, which can be tiring (although we only went on 5-6 runs, which is not much for me)

    BUT I am always really tired/out of it the day after I have brownies. It really kinda sucks b/c I don't feel much of an effect at the time I eat them (well after waiting 30-90 mins or w/e to take effect either). Not til I start smoking... and I figure I could have just smoked anyway.

    Am I just not making them right, should i have used hash or res instead of actual weed? Or is this just the way my body reacts to ingesting that particular kind of weed I used?

    Lol sorry for the ramble... hope someone knowledgeable can help me on this? :)
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    Oh, forgot to add that the normal effects of smoking weed are having a normal or even a higher energy level than usual the next day, for me.
  3. greek peak? But i'd suggest making cannabutter to use in the brownies if you didn't. I don't personally think that the brownies caused you to be tired the next day and your just in general tired lol.
  4. Im like 98% sure i heard from somone who really knows alot about weed that, if you smoke before or after you eat brownies you get really burnt out fast and it sucks
  5. a few of my friends and i had some brownies with crippie and were high for 24 hours...then slept for 24 hours. so i'd say the brownies have SOMETHING to do with your being tired.

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