Tired of these narcs

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by solidsessionss, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Ive been narced out a couple times, friendships were lost.

    But to the real story. My step-dad is the discipline principal of the high school that I go to...funny right? no. Well it is funny that ive never been caught smoking by him, just my mom. but anyway my family and i were going out to eat and on the way there he was talking about how many people just flat out rat on people. He starts talking about hardcore gang members getting scared and telling on their friends.

    he told me a story about something that happend just today...a guy and his girlfriend just got back from lunch and they passed him in the hall, he smelt cig smoke on them and had them come to his office. the guy was waiting to be questioned when he turns to the whiteboard in his office...he sprays his hands with the white board cleaner and rubs it in and on his neck and says "i dont smell like smoke." hahah what a morron.. then he hints that he wants the door closed so his girlfriend couldnt hear and he says "she was out there smoking, I don't even like cigs" then he questions the girl and she says "yea we were both out there sharing a cig" are you kidding? this kid first sprays himself with white board cleaner then rats out his fucking girlfriend...

    then he says the only person he knows who has never cracked is me. i went through 4 months of fucking hell with him and still didnt narc, he eventually found out through someone else but i wouldnt tell him a thing.

    im just sayin choose your friends wisely. i am completely loyal to my buddies. they know this.

    on another note...im dry :( and i know some of you are anal about age and when you see that im in high school are gonna wonder, yes im 18.
  2. I always hated how high schools made such a big deal about tobacco. I had a teacher flip out on me because I was smoking one morning before school.

    Anyways...rats are everywhere. A local dealer went down a couple of days ago and he's apparently singing like a canary, slinging out names left and right. But I guess when the odds are stacked high enough, anyone will talk. Legitimate trouble is a little different than being sent to the high school principals office.
  3. my campus security officer used to just tell kids smoking on campus that if they wanted to smoke to walk across the street, he was so chill

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