Tired of shitty dealers...

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  1. Ive never really had a good dealer. I cant drive (well I CAN but it makes me nervous and Im so bad at it, have been for years) so I always get it from a friend. And it's always the same thing, theyre super fucking late, or forget... How does a dealer fucking forget?
  2. I've been in the same boat man except my dealers would always beg me to roll a blunt with the sack I just bought from them.

    Go kick it with one of your friends who burns and find out who they get there trees from.
  3. Thanks man. Im gonna need to do that soon.
  4. I never understood dealers who forget they have a customer waiting. It's like that's money disappearing into thin air right there.:D
  5. You guys should just buy a really big amount and save it for awhile and not have to deal w them for awhile
  6. I used to be like this too, until some of my good friends started selling weed so I'd pick up off them to help them out (even if their bud wasnt the best at first).

    Dealers have lives too, if you call for a 20 and someone else calls a half O, they'll tell you theres traffic and they're gonna be late cause they dont wanna lose the sale.

    So if you want good deals, get to know your dealer on a personal level.
  7. Growing your own will solve this problem.
  8. It's easy to forget about customers. Back in the day i would smoke all day and someone would ring asking me to meet them, i would ask how much they wanted and shit. Then i would be ready to go but someone would say wanna smoke a joint before we leave and i would always agree. Then another friend would call me saying wanna hang out and i would just think there's always another sale. Happened many a time :eek: I feel bad now cause the tables have turned.
  9. I don't quite understand why typical dealers are so inconsistent. I mean not all are, my current one is a true business "person"!
    I wish I had friends who smoked weed so I could sell them their weed and start a trend of legit business transactions that don't take happen 5 hours after the original meeting time :)
  10. Fuck i had to sel a dubsack and drive for 20min. Fuck that shit.
  11. i meet at my dealers house, or we meet up someplace, and yesterday i was in a parking lot for 2 hours because he kept calling back saying sorry i'll be another half hour. ended up walking around wal mart for an hr of it though cuz i was bored.

  12. his job is to forget...
  13. I always demand costumer service like I'm some dude ordering food at BK or something

    Why can't they just meet up in a good place on time and let me swipe my card on their mobile payment machine or something

    that would make things soo much easier lol
  14. Thats why i have like 5 different dealers all within 5 miles of my house. Some come to me or i go to them. never more then a 5 minute drive for me. Just meet new people and shit.
  15. What ever happened to first come first served.
  16. Stop being a pussy and go direct. Not difficult to text/call someone for a bag then going to get it.
  17. Here are the rules I go by when dealing with others:

    Treat me good and I'll treat you better. Treat me bad and I'll treat you worse.

    I find it works out well that way. That way, I usually get to treat people well and in turn I get treated very well. Through this process the assholes get weeded out or snapped into line quickly.

    If everybody would adhere to the same or similar rules, we wouldn't have as many problems.
  18. Buddies got pricey stuff but i don't mind paying a extra 5$ or whatever usually because we're cool, and he always comes to me+and is actually pretty damn reliable.

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