tired of shaved vag

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  1. I gotta say, I am getting kind of tired of every single porn star having their vaginas shaved completely bald. All of the porn I grew up watching in the 90's the girls almost always had at least a landing strip or something! I find some pubic hair sexy! It doesn't have to be full bush...but leave a little something so your vagina doesn't look 9 years old! So few girls leave hair these days. One of the main reasons I love both Gianna Michaels and Nikki Rhodes. Both of them always have at least a little hair!

    Please tell me I am not the only one who feels this way? Who is with me?!
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    try the asian category
  3. Personally having a shaved vag feels a lot better (vag..lol). Plus sex feels better with it shaved!
    But dude there are enough girls out there who don't shave or have some kinky design going on down thur. Find yourself a real woman and stop watching so much damn porn
  4. I have a girl. We have been together for 13 years, and no she doesn't shave. But after that amount of time time together we obviously aren't gonna be having sex every day. So on the off days I gotta watch some porn. Even on the days we have sex I gotta get the easy one out sometime before the evening when she will be in the mood.

    And when I am watching porn, I just happen to hate shaved vaginas lately.
  5. Damn you're just that stimulated huh? Lol. Well I can feel that then brother.
    By the way, how have you gotten away with not popping the question ? Do you guys not believe in marriage or something?
  6. We have actually been engaged for 11 years. But being married just isn't really an important thing to us. We are already married in our own hearts, there is really no need to bring the government into it. It just isn't a priority for either of us.
  7. Yeah... because its all about that nice smelly weed boooosh.  :smoking:
  8. Throughout 99.9% of history, female humans did not shave their vagina. Nature, in her infinite wisdom, designed the vagina to have hair and no matter how many times it is shaved, hair grows back.
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    Well I like em young so...

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  11. I'm tired of a bald eagles too myself. I like it nice and trimmed into a V or a nice landing strip. Not too long though. 
  12. Agreed.
    Pretty sure hair down there will make a comeback at some point or another. Maybe not the full bush, but something. Shit comes and goes, just a matter of time. That's my opinion anyway  :smoking:
  13. Gross af you like to have pube hairs in your mouth and stuff or something? You like a hairy asshole on a girl too?

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  14. Porn? Shit, im tired of shaved vag in my real life. Ive been with 11 girls and only 2 had a bush. i didn't think i'd like it but there's really something animalistic about those pubes especially when all the cum gets in it and makes it shiny.
  15. So much pube talk on here lately lol.

    Pubes! Pubes everywhere!
  16. Pubes, or lack there of have never stopped me from having sex with a girl. Basically I don't give a fuck, whatever the girl wants to do to her pubes is her business, as long as her pussy aint gross I'm still gonna get it in.
  17. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now. 
  18. WAIT UP!
  19. Why they shave
    Try that with hair on it!
  20. If a guy ever did it like that Id kick his ass away from me :laughing:

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