Tired of Seeing The Word "Epic" and "Fail" Being Used...

Discussion in 'General' started by beyond305, May 22, 2010.

  1. ok i fuckin cant stand this shit. its like a new internet trend to use the words "epic" and "fail" need to come up with a new set of fucking words. that shit is annoying as HELL seeing those words on every damn post and forum :eek:

    is it suppose to make ya cool cuz u use these words?
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    I agree.

    Describe your (dis)content with sentences, not one word. Or at least make up something original.


    Poster above...:rolleyes:
  3. Legendary. Flunk.
  4. I'm tired of 4chan, TBH.
  5. I automatically label anyone a douchebag who uses "epic fail" anywhere. Same with fail also in most cases.

    I love saying epic though. I also love adding as fuck to anything which probably makes me come off as a douchebag to people who say epic fail.
  6. the internet likes to create new definitions with real life experience, get over it, they're words
  7. This thread is two words you're tired of seeing. Can you guess which two?
  8. I'm working hard everyday, bringing back the phrase "Most Excellent"

  9. this thread was an EPIC FAIL!!!!!!! lol no i hate when people say this. i dont know why but people are starting to say it in real life now. whats up with it.
  10. I've gotten used to the interweb talk, it doesn't bother me.
    It's just when you say "epic fail" in real life, that shit sounds retarded.
  11. lol.. its catching on in public/society already too

  12. i'll support your most excellent movement.
  13. your ownly choice is to create counters junctions to combat epic and fail, the very meaning of these new words have the intentional purpose of concluding that the words epic and fail are crap

  14. or when you throw out the occasional "l-o-l" in real life.
  15. i like epic and win and fail. fuck off! :smoke:
    for real though - if something as insignificant as this actually makes you angry - you should probably increase your THC intake.
  16. I'm on the OP's side now. All you lovers can fuck off.
  17. you fools are all a buncha hatin' buzz-killers ;)

    no better than parents who tell their 18 year old kids not to cuss. they're words. no matter how you express the sentiment "epic win" ..it means "epic win."
    just the same as saying "penetrate" means "fuck"
  18. Fail, I believe, to be a beautiful term. Which is why I detest it so much. To me it means, to live freely.

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