Tired of immature drama with ex.. what should I do? *Pics of messages*

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  1. Yeah, had to delete the other thread. Forgot to bleep her number in the pictures.. woops :rolleyes:

    So, I've been broken up with my ex (We dated for just over 2.5 years) for about 3-4 months now. Since then, I've moved on and gotten a new girlfriend. It's been constant drama. I've been trying to cut contact (Delete her number, Facebook, etc), but I still see her from time to time because she lives in the same building as my current girlfriend, and attends the same school as me.

    Anyway, I'd say ~5 times now, she's sent me messages like this.. all regarding untrue rumors, drama. Check the pictures for the convo - I want to be on respectful terms, just so it's not awkward when I see her. And no, I wasn't saying what she was accusing me of, they were just rumors.

    Advice, blades?

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  2. Hahah its funny cause i had this same shit like she kept bugging me for stupid shit like that. Just completly ignore her and dont even talk about her so shell hav a reason to talk to you.
  3. I see you took my advice :cool: :laughing:
  4. Yeah, seriously thank you man! :wave:

    Just left the house, checked for an update on my phone and saw your post. Sped home ASAP. :p
  5. Sounds like a syko bitch just ignore her she will move on eventually.
  6. It's as simple as not responding.
  7. So you've had sex, huh......nicee
  8. As for your problem if you want to be friends with her in the future you would sit down and have a talk with her if you don't then fuck it! You da man you banged her LOL
  9. She probably just wants attention from you. First don't say you're not going to respond and THEN respond. She'll take it that she can just aggravate you and even if you say you won't respond, she knows you will. You're not helping at all.

    First off, don't respond to her texts AT ALL. Delete them the minute you get them. Problem solved. Don't even read them. "Message from xxx" DELETE. That way you won't even respond. If she says something spiteful everyone wants to respond with something.

    If she confronts you in person just tell her you haven't received a single message. Let her rage in public and make a fool out of herself.
  10. You're just egging her on by responding. Cut it out.
  11. I thought of this when I read the thread title

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlZD2GD0H8I]The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl - YouTube[/ame]


    My advice OP? If you honestly didn't say those things, just flat out tell her, you didn't say it. Theres no need to explain yourself further and if she continues to troll you, just ignore her and hopefully she'll take the hint and go away.

  12. ignore her.
  13. If deleting her number isn't enough then call your phone provider and get that bitches number BLOCKED. Sometimes there's a small fee, but sometimes it's also free but it's worth looking into. Depending who your phone is through you could probably even do it online.
    Block her on anything that she can contact you through. That way if she tries to make a deal about it person you can just walk away from her and stop feeding into her. She wants this attention from you and she's getting it so it's not going to stop unless you take a few more steps.
  14. or your one the the millions with a smart phone theres a app for that


  15. There's ALWAYS an app for anything/everything, why I did not think of that before...well I know why :smoke:

  16. This.

  17. Exactly. Think of her as a troll. DONT FEED THE TROLL
  18. Sooo what happened when you were camping? ;)

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