tired of being alone?

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  1. listen, i have had the worst relationships in my life and always got hurt, and majority of the time i was fine with being alone because i was scared of rejection or whatever. i always went for the beauty because i was so concieted and self absorbed and believed i needed a dime piece to be happy. well chasing a relationship based on a skin deep atraction is bound to end badly. i learned that the hard way. then one day i decided to open up to a girl who was not really to my standards but always fun to hang with, and this is by far the best relationship im getting into. all because i decided to look beyond the outside..

    moral of the story, lower your standards and just forget about what everyones opinion. beauty is more than skin deep.
    as long as you are happy, thats all that matters.

    my advice to all of you lonely blades, open your mind and just realize that you dont need megan fox as a girlfreind to be satisfied. although it wouldnt be that bad.:p
  2. get her some plastic surgery. she'll buff out lol jk. i know what you mean. i met this really cool chick and she seems pretty down to earth.
  3. Mine is sweet, sexy, smart. What else could u ask for?

    edit: and she smokes weed and played Halo Reach with me today
  4. i think at the moment i'm pretty happy being alone.

    a few times a month i get a lil sad i don't have a female to chill with.

    but i'm enjoying only having to worry about myself. this is kinda a first for me.
  5. The key is to be with someone that's so hideous and repulsive in every possible way, that no one else would ever want to be with them, so you don't have to worry about them cheating or leaving you for someone else... at least I'm pretty sure that's why girls go out with me. :D

  6. haha nice.

    ya never know
  7. does she have a sister? :smoking:

  8. nice!

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  9. beauty is in the eye of the beholder i agree man

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